How to find the Ancient Stone with the divine eye in Mini World: Block Art

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In survival mode Mini World: Block ArtYou can mine and search for items around to survive, available items are always easy to exploit. However, Mini World: Block Art still assists players with some unexpected “rewards” in the game.

This bonus is not easy to find the usual way, you have to use a search engine. That tool is Eye of the EarthThis eye will lead you to the underground treasure, this treasure contains many rare items to help you create expensive items. Below will guide you how to find treasures with the Eye of the Earth in Mini World: Block Art.

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Guide to using the magic eye to search for treasure in Mini World

Step 1: First prepare your weapon, then go out in the evening and look for a ghost PhantomIt is similar to mob Ender in Minecraft. The most effective way of hitting it is with the use of swords.

God's eyes

Step 2: After killing the Phantom, you will probably receive an Eye of the Earth, so pick it up.

God's eyes

This eye will be transferred to your inventory, equip it in the toolbar below.

God's eyes

Step 3: Pick it up, right-click and let it fly, if it flies a bit and falls back as an item, pick it up again to use it again. Just keep dropping until this eye swirls down to a certain area, then dig down there.

God's eyes

Depending on the area that the prison containing the treasure will be deep or shallow, try to dig into the correct umbrella that the Eye of the Earth swirls. Then you will see a built-in prison and some monsters below.

God's eyes

Kill them all and open the red chest to get the treasure, in which there will be a few valuable items to help you survive.

God's eyes

Through this you can see beyond mere survival Mini World There are also mini-games with lots of surprises for players, that not everyone knows to exploit. Traveling to the planet Horas is an example, this is a very different area with many dangers stalking you in Mini World: Block Art that you can explore in the article. How to survive on the planet Horas in Mini World: Block Art.

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