Types of spells in the game Minecraft

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Minecraft in addition to the name Magic Squares is also known as the magic square game. Saying that is not only to refer to the attraction, about the strange charm of this game with players around the world, but also to talk about a rather interesting and special feature, which is the spell in Minecraft game.

This article will introduce to you the main types of amulets, commonly used and most important in Minecraft game.

Types of spells in the game Minecraft

Talismans in the game Minecraft

This is the first of the 3 amulets that the player can own in the game. Talismans include:

1. Knockback

This type of amulet is very effective when used in harsh lands, dangerous places, deserts or in jungles, many vines. However, Knockback has no effect on mobs capable of long-range attacks such as Blaze, Skeleton …

Knockback enchantments

2. Aspect Fire

This is one of the most valuable spells in the game Minecraft (according to the player’s rating). However, if you have to fight underwater or you live in water, the spell really doesn’t work, in addition, the mobs here are mostly fire resistant, so Aspect Fire does not work with them.

Aspect Fire enchantments

3. Bane

Bane enchantments

This is a spell for the player’s sword, created with poison obtained from arthropods. Charm Bane has many effects, such as:

Cut the spider web (arthropod poison 2 or more).

Defeat Cave Spiders and Spiders if Diamond Sword is reached.

In particular, with Diamond Sword and poison from level 4 arthropods, you can completely destroy mob Spiders with just 1 hit.

Kill silverfish and can stop a whole herd of fish from the sea.

4. Sharpness

This is the most versatile and versatile spell for the sword, but Sharpness only works when facing a certain amount of mobs.

Sharpness enchantments

5. Smite

If you’re a new player or you hate being out at night the most, when there’s no shelter, then it might be a little consolation if you have Smite. This type of spell is capable of increasing the sword’s damage to Skeletons and Zombies – the types of mobs that appear the most at night.

smite enchantments

Charm for bows and arrows

Bow and arrow are also a weapon that helps players attack mob at long range, in addition, also used in hunting.

1. Punch

Increases the ability to attack and repel witches, mobs when attacked.

2. Fire

Like Aspect Fire, Bow Fire has the ability to turn a normal arrow into a missile. Works well with mobs underground or increases the ability to focus when multiple mobs appear.

3. Infinity

Can shoot an unlimited number of arrows when attacking. Often used and has an important effect while being attacked by large numbers of speed mobs. Infinity helps players not spend too much time reloading and attacking for a second time.

infinyti enchantments

Costume charms (armor)

1. Anti-Fire Aspect

Lava is a map that has quite a lot in Minecraft game, in addition to fire, Blaze Fireball, explosive Ghast … so to be able to overcome, how to avoid fire is the most important question. In Minecraft there is a type of amulet that can reduce the harm caused by fire to players, which is Anti-Fire Aspect.

2. Projectile

The spell is used on armor, helping the player to minimize damage from arrows, bullets, fireballs … in the game. Works best against Skeleton.

Minecraft profect fire - Emergenceingame

3. Blast

When dealing with Creepers and Ghasts, Blast is the best protection you should use, because this spell will significantly reduce the damage caused by the pressure from the explosions.

Blast enchantments

4. Feather

This is the hammer that can help you if you fall from above. Just like in real life, if your Mine character falls from a place too high, it can completely lose your life. Using Feather is also effective against knockbacks quite well.

Feather enchantments

5. Respiration

Respiration is of the utmost importance if you are traveling underwater or want to search for the treasure hidden here. The Respiration Charm will help you increase your breathing as well as your ability to see while underwater.

6. Depth Strider

Depth Strider is a spell that helps you speed up and increase your ability to move underwater. This spell is extremely useful if you are in the ocean.

Depth strider enchantments

In addition to the above spells, there are many other types with different effects that if you play Minecraft game, you will quite break out.

Wish you have entertaining moments and have fun playing Minecraft game!

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