VLTK1M: “Fiery” November with the Final Round of Vo Lam Minh Chu 2022

VLTK1M: "Fiery" November with the Final Round of Vo Lam Minh Chu 2022

The Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile community is heating up to the rhythm of the dramatic competition of Vo Lam Minh Chu 2022. The final series of matches before determining the Chi Ton throne is taking place with many classic confrontations. .

The Final Round of Vo Lam Minh Chu 2022 is entering the most stressful period, when the masters continuously prove their strong strength. Remaining on the Super Level rankings are the names that are in high form such as _Thien-Ton_ (S5, top 1 Binh Giap all servers), Muoi Mon Mon (S46) (season 1 runner-up), Thien_General (S17, top). 2 Binh Giap all servers), Hac Dieu (S3, top 4 Binh Giap all servers),… Meanwhile, the Premium division showed overwhelming dominance in some players like SK_VuiLaChinh(S123) ,GK_TrinhKaKa(S129) and _–A-Tu-La–_(S128),… They will definitely give viewers the most spectacular matches this season.


Super suffocating, Top 4 gradually revealed

Not beyond the community’s expectations, the Super League quickly warmed up the atmosphere with many good matches: Muoi Mon Mon overwhelmed -Crouching-Tiger- (S1) in match 15, HA-TaOne (S17) unexpectedly lost Legendary_Sannin (S26) in match 17. Most notably is the match between ChauVuong (S17) and _Thien-Ton_ when both are considered bright candidates for the title of Vo Lam Minh Master this time.

Perhaps because of that, this match recorded the interest of thousands of direct followers from fans. Caster Review Game Mobile also many times shouted with spectacular damage chases between the two opponents. However, with the advantage of long arm and smart play, _Thien-Ton_ excellently overcame ChauVuong, won the ticket to continue and faced Muoi Mon Mon.


In this matchup, Muoi Mon Mon really hit a difficult hurdle when facing _Thien-Ton_, the top 1 Binh Giap all-server and also the Wudang cavalry system. Despite the high expectations, Muoi Mon Mon could not help but watch _Thien-Ton_ go on to the inner circle. However, the 2021 runner-up still has a chance to compete for the championship if he wins the encounter with Thien_General in the Loss bracket on November 16.

Coming from the Loss branch, Thien_General shows that his top 2 position in Binh Giap is not a virtual stat. Up to now, this player has excelled in the “5 all-win” feat against many formidable opponents such as Season 1 Champion PrincessTue Lam (S83), Female-Nhan (S3), Tay_Mon_Khanh (S4), -Crouching Tiger- (S1) and Huy_Nguyen (S109). It is clear that Thien_General has more advantages when his opponent in the next round is a strong Emi. But no one has said anything in advance, because Vo Lam Minh Chu 2022 has witnessed many spectacular rafters, so the opportunity to “return to the race” of Muoi Mon Mon is still there.


At the same time, Black Bird still showed himself to be a remarkable force when he switched to Duong Mon Cung Ky. He completely overpowered Legendary_Sannin with a unique advantage, pushing this player to the Loss bracket and having to meet HA-TaOne again in match 36. However, this is a good opportunity for Legendary_Sannin to continue his journey, because despite this Why, he also had a pretty overwhelming victory against HA-TaOne in the last 17 match.

If you notice, the Top 4 of the current Loss branch are all players from the Win branch, except Thien_General. They are all top players in terms of both Binh Giap and skills and are considered by the community as candidates for the position of Vo Lam Minh Chu. That’s why, with just a little carelessness or mistake, the players will have to pay the price immediately and lose the opportunity to claim martial arts.


Not many surprises in the Premium

While the matches of the Super League are extremely tense, the Premier League is not too surprising. Top players like One-Hit (S111), GK_TrinhKaKa (S129), _–A-Tu-La–_ (S128) still showed their absolute dominance in all fronts.

In the Win branch, One-Hit applied a damaging poke style and overcame many top opponents such as_Chi Pheo_ (S123), Nhu_Quynh (S137) and Superman (S157). This is a very good strategy that gamers can apply, when in addition to winning by destroying the opponent, Vo Lam Minh Chu also has an additional way to calculate points through the total damage caused.

One-Hit with an extremely annoying poke style.

One-Hit’s opponent in match 37 was GK_TrinhKaKa. During his journey to the current round, GK_TrinhKaKa has shown superiority in both Binh Giap and skill. His victories all come from killing enemies directly with quick time. Therefore, One_Hit will have to be extremely cautious in this important match, because GK_TrinhKaKa possesses an extremely brave and steadfast fighting style. He can move to dodge and suddenly rush to the end of the target with extremely powerful burst damage that makes the opponent unable to react.

Both are representatives of the two styles of play that are on the throne in Vo Lam Minh Chu 2022. One_Hit is more of a poke, GK_TrinhKaKa is strong in dealing damage, who will win the ticket to go to the Finals?

GK_TrinhKaKa dominate in every match.

The Losers Branch of the Premium League is also quite crowded. _–A-Tu-La–_ is still a good candidate to go straight to match 35 and clash with Superman.


Meanwhile, SK_VuiLaChinh (S123) is really strong with Thuy Yen Dao. The matches of this player all end in a short time. Even facing a pretty tough Five Poisons like Huy-Taxi (S128) from the Thang branch, SK_VuiLaChinh only took a few seconds to win.

SK_VuiLaChinh There are always absolute overwhelming victories

The final top 4 in each division will be determined after matches 35 and 36, taking place on the evening of November 15 (Premium) and November 16 (Superior). The final round is entering the most breathtaking matches. Therefore, gamers do not ignore any dramatic confrontation. When participating in cheering for the players, you will also receive countless valuable Giftcodes, which are broadcast continuously on the live stream of Fanpage Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile. At the same time, participating in the playground to predict the winner of each match and the final result will also bring you quite a lot of KNB as a “highway” for wandering around!

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