How to switch PUBG Mobile first person mode and gun settings

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If you do not want to play PUBG Mobile survival game with default shooting mode (TPP), you can switch to first-person shooting mode (FPP) to experience the game in a different way.

PUBG Mobile shooting game allows users to arbitrarily change shooting mode from the third perspective to the first and vice versa. In addition, there are many other settings for guns, bullets as well as aiming sensitivity so we can play better games.

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How to switch PUBG Mobile to first-person shooting mode

First, you start the game PUBG Mobile, then log into your account. Continue, choose to enter Select Mode from the main interface of the game as below.

Select Select Mode in PUBG Mobile

The next window appears, you will see two PUBG Mobile shooting modes displayed at the top:

  • Third-Person Perspective (TPP): Third person shooting (default game mode)
  • First-Person Perspective (FPP): First person shooting
  • Select the mode you want to play then tap, click OK under

Shooting mode option for PUBG Mobile

The settings for the gun when firing PUBG Mobile

In addition to changing the shooting mode, PUBG Mobile can also customize some features and manipulation for guns during this survival game, specifically:

From the main interface, select the icon Settings (picture below).

Click on Settings

To change the color of the heart When fired, choose in Crosshair Color one of the four colors I like.

Adjust the pink color in the shooter PUBG Mobile

Also in this section you can see many other features that we can enable to use, such as:

  • Aim Assist aiming mode
  • Shotgun mode when using shotgun – Shotgun Firing Mode
  • Activate leaning when shooting PUBG Mobile, with this feature, you can choose:
    • Peek & Fire: Tilt and shoot normally
    • Peek & Open Scope: Tilt shot and turned on the viewfinder
  • Peek Options (touch or touch and hold)

Leaning shot mode in PUBG Mobile

And yet, if you scroll down below, you can add more settings Gyrocope (gyroscope mode, supports aiming while playing PUBG Mobile on mobile), auto-open doors (automatic door opening) …

Enable Gyroscope viewing assist in PUBG Mobile

Still in the settings, select SensitivityWe can then manually adjust the visibility of the character or weapon at Camera Sensitivity by dragging the sliders.

Adjust sensitivity when firing PUBG Mobile

Also in this section, we can also change the recoil, eccentricity when shooting with different types of viewfinder.

Adjust sensitivity when turning on the crosshair in PUBG Mobile

After completing all changes and logging back into the game, you will see a notification that the PUBG Mobile shooting mode has been changed.

Notice of changing PUBG Mobile shooting mode

During the game, we will also see the screen a lot more open because the avatar has disappeared.

First-person shooting mode in PUBG Mobile

We can see all our settings were done while playing PUBG Mobile.

The pink color in PUBG Mobile changes


  • These settings will be in effect for the duration of the map’s gameplay until you return to the settings to make changes.
  • When in first person shooting mode, even your loot, swim or drive will be displayed in this mode.
  • Consider before playing with first person mode because although it offers a better experience, not everyone can get used to and play well in this mode.

Video instructions to change the perspective when playing PUBG Mobile

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