League of Legends released a 138 general named Ornn

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Riot officially launched the 138 general named Ornn – Flame of Origin. Ornn is the only champion with a powerful passive, the ability to buy items without going home in League of Legends.

Ornn has a half-human and half-god body, dwells beneath an ancient volcano, boiling cauldles of hot molten rock to create extreme equipment. Invite you to join the skill set below, to see the remarkable power of Ornn:

Ornn - The Flame of Origin

Ornn’s skill set – Flame of Origin in League of Legends

Crafting in Place & Master Blacksmith (Passive)

  • Fabrication In Place: Use gold to craft equipment at any time, you can open shops to craft any equipment. Therefore, Ornn can buy things on the street without going home.
  • Master Blacksmith: Certain equipment upgrades can be purchased, with only one upgrade per player.

Volcanic Eruption (Q)

Punching the ground creates a crack, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies. After the text time period, a column of lava protrudes in its target position, functions as a small wall blocking the way back, while slowing the enemy for several seconds.

Ballast (W)

  • Activated: Shields himself, sparks flames that deal magic damage to enemies. When the enemy hit the last wave of fire it becomes Crispy.
  • Hot Crispy: After Hot Wave, enemies take additional damage equal to a portion of their maximum health if they hit a movement restriction effect.

Burning Shock (E)

Charge forward, dealing damage to enemies passing through. When crashing into terrain, the impact will create a shockwave that damages and knocks up enemies.

Call of the Flame (R)

Summons giant fire goat at a target location, when an enemy is passed by the goat takes magic damage and gets Crispy. If it hits the fire goat, it will change its direction and knock all enemies it hits.

Come experience this 138 general now!

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