PUBG Mobile: Fake IP via Israel to receive free Infiltrator set

The super product Royale Battle PUBG Mobile is the game that has received the most attention over the past 2 years and is asserting its position in the gaming world. Many events as well as tournaments take place regularly with the amount of billions of dong. Especially new servers are constantly appearing with a lot of attractive rewards for new gamers.

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ApplePUBG Mobile for iOS
AndroidPUBG Mobile for Android

If in Vietnam, the survival shooter PUBG Mobile was very popular, then in some other countries it was only beginning to approach the market. Therefore, gamers in these regions will be awarded many generals as well as extremely attractive launch rewards. If you also want to receive these attractive rewards we can use VPN software to Fake IP to select the desired country.

Starting September 25, Amazon users have been able to get exclusive Infiltrator Masks and many other attractive Infiltrator skins: Infiltrator Jackets, Infiltrator Pants and Infiltrator Shoes to complete an exclusive suit from Prime by Fake IP to Israel.

Currently, in addition to Korea, the publisher also has many gifts for PUBG Mobile gamers in other countries:

  • Fake IP US receive free generals on PUBG Mobile.
  • Fake IP to Russia to get FREE Super Lobster skin when playing PUBG Mobile
  • Fake IP to Canada to receive Kar98k Rugged Skin and ScarL Dcamo in PUBG Mobile
  • Fake IP to India to receive crate pieces, Royale Pass mission cards in PUBG
  • PUBG Mobile: Guide to fake IP to Thailand to get FREE 2 pieces of inventory, 666 BP, …
  • PUBG Mobile: Guide to fake IP to Taiwan to get FREE classic box
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To Fake IP to Russia, Canada, India, Thailand, Taiwan … you can do the same way Fake IP to Israel.

How to Fake IP Israel to get free Infiltrator set on PUBG Mobile

There are tons of mobile VPN apps out there, each with its own unique strengths. Depending on the needs of each person to choose suitable. For the purpose of this article we use the ProtonVPN application.

Step 1: Download and install ProtonVPN application to your phone to roam to Israel region. ProtonVPN supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Step 2: Enter your email address in the Account registration field. Then press Get Verification Mail to get the confirmation code sent to the email, then access the email to get the code.

Step 3: Next, enter the verification code in the section Enter verification code, then press Submit. Now proceed to log into the application, and select fake IP to Israel.

Step 4: Launch PUBG Mobile international version up, go to section Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the item Basic, the option of roaming to Israel. Then exit.

Choosing to roam to Israel under Basic
Choosing to roam to Israel under Basic

Step 4: Reopen PUBG Mobile again. Then access the item Event, You will see additional events appear Exclusive Loot. Next, select and press Collect.

Exclusive Loot Events
Exclusive Loot Events

Step 5: Immediately after that appeared the gift receiving interface, but only for those with Amazon account registration.

Gift receiving interface
Gift receiving interface

Step 6: At this point, you need to sign up for an Amazon Prime account on the Amazon homepage. If you are already a member of Amazon Prime, you will start receiving these extremely attractive gifts.

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Infiltrator Mask
Infiltrator Mask

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