How to catch fish in the game Epic Raft

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Epic Raft challenges players’ ability to survive on an ocean full of dangers. To survive in the game Epic RaftYou need to look for food and fish are plentiful foods that you can find around you, but they are not easy to catch. So how to catch fish in Epic Raft game? will share with you some useful tips right below.

Fishing is an important activity in Epic Raft’s survival game. Fish will help you overcome your hunger and improve your health. You should fish before starting your journey to explore the island to prepare food for your journey and recharge at any time.

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Instructions on how to catch fish in the game Epic Raft

Although you can get some food in the form of fruit or sap on any island, you should bring some delicious fish so that you can fill the hungry belly when the kernel’s hunger index. low level objects and in the case where you go there are scarce resources. In this article, will guide you on how to fish in Epic Raft.

Fishing guide in Epic Raft

– First you need to create a fishing rod for fishing. To build a fishing rod, you need 3 wooden sticks, 1 string and 1 piece of iron.
– In section Produceyou touch hammer icon on the left side of the screen to enter the item Tools and click the button Produce to build a fishing rod when you have enough materials.

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– Once you’ve crafted the fishing rod, move your character to the edge of the raft. The fishing rod icon will glow. You can find this icon in the lower right corner of the screen, under the hook icon. Touch the fishing rod to start fishing.

– At this point, you do not have to do anything but wait. You will see a fish icon above the character. Quickly touch it to catch fish.

– If you do not touch the fish icon at the right time, you will miss and have to wait for the next chance.

Cach cau ca in epic raft

Note: The quality of the fishing rod will deteriorate over time. At that time, go to the storage room to check the durability of the fishing rod. The green bar next to the bridge indicates its status. When the green bar hits the lowest level, the fishing rod will fail and you have to build a new rod.

You cannot eat raw fish in Epic Raft. You will have to either cook it or at least dry the fish to prevent bacteria from entering your body, which can lead to food poisoning. After catching fish, make a fish dryer “Fish Dryer”. You will find it in the section Workstation of the part Produce in the game.

Meow Bat Ca in epic raft game

To make a fish drying rack, you need 6 wooden sticks, 2 wires and 1 piece of iron. After the fish drying rack is released, go over to it, press it hand icon and choose the fish you want to dry. The fish drying time takes place in minutes and once completed, you can bring the dried fish on your island exploration journey.

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This post has shown you how to catch fish in Epic Raft. Living on a deserted island amidst the vast ocean is not easy. You will be faced with many different challenges. To ensure your health, you need to recharge your body and fish is one of the great food sources to do just that.

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