How to skip missions in GTA 5

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In street robbery game game GTA 5 There are some complex missions that are difficult for the player to complete and can skip these missions if desired. In the article below, will guide you in detail how to skip missions in GTA 5.

For new players, tasks such as driving, … in GTA 5 will be difficult and impossible to complete. However, in this case the player can choose to skip the mission in the game.

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Instructions on how to quit missions in GTA 5

How to skip missions in GTA 5

If you don’t know, GTA 5 is a racing action role-playing game, street robbery, developed by Rockstar Games. In the game, players will play the role of 3 main characters, Michael, Franklin, Trevor and complete a total of 79 different missions.

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Most of the missions in GTA 5 are not too complicated and players can easily complete by following the instructions.

However, there are also more difficult tasks to complete. To skip these missions in GTA 5, all you need to do is kill yourself 3 times by jumping into the lake or using a gun, … .

Now a new menu will appear on the screen with a message asking if you want to skip the task. Choose Yes (yes) and you will be forwarded to the next checkpoint.

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There are also GTA 5 mods out there, allowing you to skip any mission if you want. However, game mods are considered to violate the terms and policies of the manufacturer, which can lead to a permanent account ban. Therefore does not recommend you to do this.

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Above has just shown you how to skip the mission in GTA 5. In addition, readers can refer to GTA 5 configuration to see if their computer is eligible to play GTA 5 stably, or not. lag

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