How to bring more guns in the game Campaign Legend

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Talking about shooting games, surely the top concern of each player when participating in playing will be “gun” – the most important and important weapon in these games. With Campaign Legend, too, players will be given, buy a lot of different guns, but how to equip more guns for our character?

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The following article will guide you on how to add guns in the game Legendary Campaigns to have more options while fighting, doing missions in today’s hottest mobile game.

Step 1: You log into the game Legendary Campaigns, select Team.

Click Team

Step 2: Continue to click Change to enter the personal arsenal interface.

Change guns

Step 3: On your right hand side is the list of current guns that the playing character has, specifically, with the writer’s Mr.July-VII character, there are now:

  • Sniper gun (newly equipped).
  • Shotgun.
  • Machine gun.

Want to equip more guns for the character, then click Left mouse button or touch the gun category that.

Choose a gun

Because I am new to playing, so in this category I have only one AWM, but if you play a lot, your number of guns will increase a lot. Want to equip more guns, touch that gun.

How to add guns to the game Legendary Campaigns

Guns will be displayed with details of strength and level

Step 4: Once selected, the gun will be ticked as shown below, then click next Change to do is done.

Equip guns in the game Legendary Campaigns

During the game, you can see in the upper right corner of the screen that more guns have appeared. To change guns, just touch it or press the shortcut key (if you did Set up the keyboard to play the game of Campaigns of Legends).

Change guns while playing the Legendary Campaign game

If not Install Campaign Legend On the computer, you will miss a great, suspenseful, thrilling game with beautiful graphics and cool arsenal.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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