How to share games on Xbox One

Cách chia sẻ game trên Xbox One

Use Gameshare to share games on Xbox One With trusted friends is a great way to save money on game purchases. The following article will guide you how to share games on Xbox One using Gameshare.

How to share games on Xbox One

What is Gameshare on Xbox One?

Put simply, Gameshare – Game Sharing allows you to access your friends’ Xbox One game library on your own system at any time.

Anyone signed into Xbox One can access their entire library of games on the console in use. However, other accounts on the same system cannot play those games. As such, you can only play their games on your personal Xbox One when signed in to their account. However, once they exit their account, you will no longer see them.

However, Xbox One already has an installation called Home Xbox. It allows you to designate an Xbox One system as the primary console. Anyone who is logged into this console can access all the games you own. By transferring the Home Xbox system to someone else, you can access their game library. This action will help you play your friends’ games using your own account.

How to share games on Xbox One

1. Find friends who want to share the game. Grab their Xbox Live credentials or send an invitation so they can sign in to your console. If exchanging credentials remotely, be sure to use a secure method, such as a password manager.

2. Press the button Xbox on the computer to open Guide. Use RB to scroll through the tab Profile & system with your avatar. Choose Add or switch, already Add new.

Select Xbox One account

3. Enter the email address and password for your friend’s Xbox account. If they have two-factor authentication enabled, you need to work with them to provide that information.

4. Return to the tab Profile, press Add or switch again and choose your friend’s account to sign into Xbox.

5. When signed in to your friend’s account, press the Xbox button to reopen the Guide. Use RB to scroll through the tab Profile and choose Settings.

6. Go General> Personalization> My home Xbox. Choose Make this my home Xbox.

My home Xbox

7. Hours, you can visit My games & apps from the screen Home and have access to all the games friends own.

8. To see the game you have not downloaded yet, select the tab Full library on the left, select All owned games, and then change the drop-down menu All games to Ready to install. This action will show the games you have access to but have not yet downloaded. Select a game to download it.

Then, tell your friends to follow the steps above on their consoles with your account and get ready to share the game on Xbox One. You can now download other people’s games while using your own account to play games on Xbox One.

Things to keep in mind when sharing games on Xbox One

In theory, this process is safe when you share it with trusted people. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before sharing games on Xbox One:

  • Game sharing is only for digital version games. If you want to play hard-version games, you’ll need a disc.
  • When sharing games, the benefits of the Xbox Live Gold account will be available to everyone on that console, so you and your friends can switch subscriptions.
  • As an added feature, you can share entire games from Xbox Game Pass. This will expand your game library rapidly. You can even split the subscription cost between the two if you want.
  • You really can’t share specific items in your account, including money, one-user reservation bonus, in-game purchases.
  • Both of you can play the shared game at the same time.
  • You can just change the settings My home Xbox 5 times / year. This stage starts to count when you first make the change. Therefore, you should not change it too often. Just set up the Home Xbox once you understand everything about the process.

In general, sharing games on Xbox offers a lot of benefits for both parties, but the most important thing to remember is: Don’t do this with a disbeliever, as giving out account information is risky. unpredictable security.

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