GTA 5 is about to have the biggest update, revealing information about GTA 6

Latest weekly updates Grand Theft Auto V arrived. As usual, it focuses on new content offerings and bonuses in GTA Online, the highlight of which is an attractive upgraded version of an existing vehicle.

GTA 5 Online once again surprised fans by “teasing” a new DLC, including the largest map extension ever seen and interesting hints about GTA 6.

Update GTA Online

Rockstar Games published a mysterious video on Twitter. You can see the series of pictures of Grand Theft Auto Online, including a multiplayer mode as if captured from a security camera.

In a tweet, Rockstar Games showed summaries of what happened on the new island, and even featured a new island map that had never appeared anywhere in Los Santos.

There is very little information available about the content of this video. In fact, the game logo only appears for a few seconds, but fans have discovered some clues that reveal all, except that the company officially confirmed this GTA Online expansion has a completely new map.

Its Twitter video begins with the title El Rubio Dossier, suggesting it is some sort of secret information about the mafia boss. As you can see the photos in the tweet below are all about an area that isn’t currently available at Grand Theft Auto Online.

Image of the new GTA 5 update

At the end of the video, you can see a barren corpse lying on the beach with a briefcase at his feet. A common sight in mafia games and GTA 5 is no exception.

Recently, GTA Online players have also discovered corpses and briefcases appearing in the game in random locations, changed by the hour. The video also reveals the identity of the victim as John Doe – a nickname often used for people of unknown identity.

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Information about characters in GTA 5

In addition to John Doe, many other corpses also appeared in GTA Online at the Map tab with maps of Los Santos and Blaine County. Here, we can see a new map in place on this old map.

Rockstar has announced there will be a major update coming in December. If the above details are really included in the game, this will be the first time the GTA Online map has been expanded in the past 7 years.

New information about GTA 6

On the Reddit page: revealed that GTA 6 will have an extremely detailed and realistic visual design. The cars in this street robbery game 6 will have the exact same destroyed effect in reality.


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