How to see deleted Messenger messages on the phone app

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If you accidentally deleted a message and want to see deleted Facebook Messenger messages on the phone app, don’t worry. Please save how to view deleted Messenger messages so that sometimes accidentally deleted messages can be restored.

How to do this helps you: Review deleted messages on Messenger

Way view deleted messenger messages on phone as well as on computers that have been integrated by Facebook. Users only need to download their information and then return the previous old messages easily. This is also a new policy of Facebook when allowing users to freely manage their data and can ensure that after stopping using Facebook, there will be no related information.

How to view instant messenger messages on mobile phone application?

How to review deleted messages on Messenger by phone

With how to review deleted messages on Messenger on even old messages, you can also view and save them. Of course, the way to review deleted messages on Messenger phone version will be a little different from the computer, so users need to note and follow the information below to know how to do it, and in addition the device Android will be easier when you are allowed to download any file to your computer, unlike iPhone.

How to see deleted Messenger messages on the phone

Step 1: On the phone interface, you open the Facebook application, look in the upper right corner, you click on the icon 3 horizontal stripes (Figure 1). To the new interface, you swipe the screen up, you click “Settings & Privacy” (Figure 2).

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Step 2: You click on “Setting” (Figure 3). New interface opens, you slide the screen up, you click “Download your information” (Figure 4).

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Step 3: You click on “Deselect all” and then check the small round box in the “Message” (Figure 5) Next, slide the screen up and click on “About a day” (Figure 6).

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Step 4: You continue to click on “About a day” (Figure 7). At this point, you select the date and time as shown in Figure 8 to select the appropriate date and time.

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Step 5: Display “Download your information“appears, you click”Download” (Figure 9). The web browser opens, click on “Download” (Figure 10).

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Step 6:On the browser, you click 3 dots in the upper right corner then click on “Download file“. Next, you click on the file you just downloaded (Figure 11). Then you click on “message” (Figure 12) you will see the messages you deleted.

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Above has just completed how to view deleted Messenger messages on phones, with this way Android phone users can more easily review deleted Facebook Messenger messages on phones. As for the iPhone, it’s more difficult because Apple is quite limited for users to download files to their phones, but if you don’t have an Android phone you can use a computer as well.
In addition, if you pay attention, you will see how to recover Facebook messages above not only helps you recover Facebook messages, but it also allows you to download a lot of different information that is on your Facebook, including comments on Facebook. And you can download it to review if you want similar to how to review deleted Messenger messages on your phone in this article.

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