How to rush Level 8 with the strongest team in the Arena of Truth

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The Teamfight Tactics now has squads that stand out in the meta when powering up. Accordingly, to match the squad, the players of the Arena of Truth, League of Legends, have appropriate tactics to meet the squad. Below will be the level 8 rush gameplay with the most popular lineup today.

Currently in Truth Arena In the high ranks, the most popular squad is Gladiator – Gunner when both damage and resistance are extremely strong. And to fit this lineup, the masters often use rush to level 8 as quickly as possible to complete the squad as soon as possible and get all the effects of the clan and system.

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Extremely strange strategy with the current strongest squad

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Squad of Gladiators – Gunners

how to play rush cap 8

The reason why the masters often rush 8 early to use this formation is because this squad is only really strong when there are enough effects of the race and system, especially the Gladiator system when 6 gladiators give power effects. almost twice as much as 4. Also most of the pieces in this formation are at 3-4$ so rushing 8 first will increase your chances of getting these important pieces more.

Instructions on how to build a Gladiator – Gunner squad.

– At the beginning of the game, you can capture any piece that can get 2 stars to keep your health, prioritize Warwick, Tristana and Lucian to be able to have the Gunner set early.

– Once you have a basic formation, start selling unnecessary pieces to accumulate money.

how to play rush cap 8

After owning a level 6 squad, accumulate money and upgrade whenever possible. Don’t leave too much money, but prioritize upgrading when your squad has enough troops. At level 7 you can give up 1 Gunner to get 6 Gladiators to increase their maximum power. Complete upgrade 8 and get your gunner set as soon as possible, then start rolling to complete the squad.


– JinX is the main damage of this squad, so prioritize equipment like Giant Killer or Infinity Sword for her.

– The Gladiator squad has an extremely ticklish fighting style, the Lightning Crossbow will be a priority for this squad when dealing an extra large amount of standard damage to the enemy squad.

– Effect items like Curved Sword, Broken Sword or Quiet should prioritize Lucian and then Miss Fortune.

– If you own the Gloves of Thieves, Vi is a good choice to use this equipment.

– If there is a lot of magic power up, let Cho’Gath use it to take advantage of a good amount of area damage, and possibly true damage if Void buffs properly.
Above is a guide to playing the Gunners Gladiator squad with rush style level 8, you can see more latest information about Truth Arena 9.21 Final version of season 1 Tactics Arena. In addition, you can refer to how Teamfight Tactics here.

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