Instructions for using Streamer mode on Discord


Discord is an extremely popular online communication platform, especially for the gaming community. With the rise of the production of live narration video, also known as Stream, Discord has quickly embraced and added it to its apps. In this article, will guide you some ways to use the streamer mode in Discord.


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Instructions to enable Streamer mode on Discord

Use Discord’s own Stream function

In its recently updated versions, Discord has added the Live Streamer feature. Using this feature is also very simple.

First, open Discord and go to a voice chat room where you want to stream for everyone to see.

Voice chat

In the control bar located in the lower left corner of the screen, you select the button Go Live.

Go live

In the dialog box that appears, click select Applications to stream the screen of an app. Or press Screen to stream the entire computer screen of all your apps. After selecting, click on Go Live.

Go Live

Your stream screen will be displayed in LIVE format. Now, all users present in the voice chat room can watch your stream. Very easy is not it!


Use the Stream function with Twitch

You want to be famous on Twitch Easily? With DiscordIt is entirely possible. Discord is one of the fastest growing VoIP platforms for gamers, with lots of video gaming communities to join. If you already have a certain reputation in the communities then you can take advantage of Discord’s Streamer mode to proactively showcase that you’re streaming.

In addition, Streamer mode also cleverly hides your account information and protects your privacy so that random people watching Twitch streams cannot access your Discord information when opening the app. So if you want to “brag” your Twitch channel and improve your viewership then make sure you have Streamer mode enabled on Discord every time, before you start streaming and the following article. will guide you to do that.

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First, you need to link your Twitch account to Discord, before you can take advantage of the platform’s Streamer mode. Follow these steps to link your account and turn on steamer mode without any hassle.

Step 1: You launch Discord and click on the icon wheel to access Settings. Then you click on the section Connections> Twitch icon. Next, just log in with your Twitch account.

Connect Discord to your Twitch account

Step 2: In the same Settings menu, click Streamer Mode and turn on the side switch Enable Streamer Mode. By default, it will automatically turn on / off if you have other third party streaming software like OBS or Xsplit is running on the computer.

Turn on Streamer Mode

Step 3: In the same category, you will be able to adjust privacy controls when Streamer mode is activated. You can choose to hide personal information such as email, connected accounts, shooters and Discord tags so that random viewers cannot access this information. Besides, you can also hide the instant invitation link to multiple servers. Besides all this, you can also choose to turn off sounds and notifications.

Adjust privacy controls

Step 4: After you start streaming on Twitch, your online status indicator will change to purple let everyone know that you are streaming. People already connected to you in this platform will be able to watch the live stream by clicking on the option LIVE ON TWITCH when they visit your profile.

Stream on Discord

If you already have some popularity on Discord or have a high rating in a large community, you can take advantage of the platform to attract more viewers and increase your popularity.

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