How to rename Pokemon Go characters and avatars

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One thing that is not much known is that we can completely rename a character in Pokemon GO and change the avatar of that character, if you want. This is a new feature added in the upgrade of Pokemon Go that a lot of users will probably enjoy.

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If you don’t like the old names and avatars, with just a few steps you can change them. However, please consider carefully, because:

  • After changing the name this time, it will be the name you must use forever for the rest of your game.
  • Changing your name and profile picture will most likely cause others not to recognize it.

How to change character names in Pokemon Go

Step 1: From the main interface, you touch Pokeball icon in the middle of the screen, then select Next Settings (gear icon) in the next step.

Change the character's name Rename 2 settings - Emergenceingame

Step 2: The list of settings of Settings appears, scroll down to find and touch the section Change Nickname. A message appears, select Yes to continue.

Rename 3 change - EmergenceingameRename 4 yes - Emergenceingame

Step 3: Enter your new name in the box below OK, choose Yes to confirm it again.

Rename 5 name - EmergenceingameRename 6 yes - Emergenceingame

So your character names have been changed successfully!

Rename 7 ok - EmergenceingameRename 8 done - Emergenceingame

How to change characters in Pokemon GO

Step 1: Also from the main interface, touch avatar icon characters play (in the bottom left corner of the screen). Then continue to choose three dash icon.

Rename 9 ava - EmergenceingameRename 10 3gach - Emergenceingame

Step 2: Choose Customize to change the “appearance” of the character.

Rename 11 custom - EmergenceingameRename 12 change - Emergenceingame

In this step, we do the same as when we first started set up for game play and perform character options. Can change everything, from hair color, hat, clothes, backpack … to the gender of the character.

Finished change, select on letter V icon To confirm.

Rename 13 ok - EmergenceingameRename 14 done - Emergenceingame

However, you need to pay attention:

  • Changing the playing character can be done comfortably and at will.
  • But changing character names can only be done once. This means that after naming your character for the second time, you cannot change it.
  • The character’s name, when changed, must still apply the old naming rules.

Wish you all success!

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