How to quickly level up when playing Pokemon Master

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Leveling up your Pokemon Master character (leveling up Pokemon Master) is important and essential if you want to win your battles.

But for those who are new to Pokemon Master, how to level up is difficult, leveling up quickly is even more difficult. If you want to know the secret, follow our tutorial below

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Why need leveling up when playing Pokemon Master

Everyone who plays the game understands that, as characters or weapons evolve, they will become stronger, higher HP, have better looks (or looks), use more features, all attributes increase. With Pokemon Master alone, advancing Pokemon will be extremely beneficial when you fight and want to win matches in Story Mode and Training Area.

Level up the character when playing Pokemon Master
Level up the character when playing Pokemon Master

Each character in the trainer pair will have a certain level limit. This limit is equivalent to the number of stars they have in their Profile. Players can rely on this information (in Poryphone) to check and know which character can level up and how much maximum. Specifically:

  • 3-star character: Maximum level is 90
  • 4-star character: Maximum level is 95
  • 5-star character: Maximum level is 100

Ways to level up in Pokemon Master

There are quite a few ways you can level up while playing Pokemon Master and here are some of the most used.

1. Play according to the storyline

Playing along the storyline and trying hard to win is the simplest way and the most main way for one person to gain experience points (EXP) and level up. Specifically, for each player’s victory in a match, you will receive a different number of EXP points.

These points are not the same, but will depend on many factors such as the game mode, the difficulty of the match …

Use level up books in Pokemon MasterLevel up character in Pokemon Master

2. Level up in the training area

The training area in Pokemon Master is also called “Training Area”. This is a special feature that will only be unlocked once the player has completed the (rather long) Chapter 2 of the Story arc.

However, after completing this part, your abilities and skills as well as your team have reached a certain level. Participating in the Training Area, will guide and help you get acquainted deeper and more about different fields. In particular, the tasks in this mode will gradually increase from easy to difficult for players to keep up with the pace.

Another noteworthy point for those who are about to enter this Training mode is that, here, you can join and take on various challenges (similar to Story mode). If you want, you can join many other challenges and if not, you can repeat a single quest and still get the rewards as usual.

Book level 1 up in the game Pokemon Master
Book level 1 up in the game Pokemon Master

Some of the challenges in the Training area:

  • 3v3 Team Battle
  • Real-time competition
  • Practice skills
  • Practice attack and move

3. Join the Supercourse challenge

Supercourse Training will be a special feature, a real challenge that goes by its name “super hard”. If you want to give it a try, you can join, but the advice is here, make sure you are strong enough. Because the Supercourse Training missions are much more difficult than the Training Area or other training missions.

More difficult levels also mean you will receive higher value rewards, more EXP points. However, we can only participate in performing these tasks up to 3 times / day.

Mission system in the Training area of ​​Pokemon Master
Mission system in the Training area of ​​Pokemon Master

4. Use the Leveling Guidebook

The level up guide can give players a considerable amount of experience points for themselves. This score will be different if the player has a different number of stars, specifically:

  • Player 1 star: Receive 100 EXP
  • 2-star player: Receive 1500 EXP
  • 3-star player: Receive 5000 EXP

In addition, you can also try to complete the level up course, complete the main quests and daily quests to get more experience points for your character.

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