How to rename files, rename folders on Dropbox

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Dropbox cloud storage service owns a lot of unique, high-end features but also pays great attention to the basic features. How to rename Dropbox files is one of the simple yet essential features. Not only Rename Dropbox files, but you can also rename folders on Dropbox.

In the past Dropbox barely allowed you to directly rename stored data, but now that problem has been resolved. With just a few simple steps, you can rename Dropbox files for your computer at will and the utility is not inferior to Google Drive, when the customization ability of Google Drive is always appreciated.

How to rename Dropbox files, rename folders on Dropbox

Step 1: First you need to login your Dropbox account HERE:

file name on dropbox

Step 2: Right-click the file you want to rename, select Rename.

file name on dropbox

Step 3: Enter the name you want to change then press OK.

file name on dropbox
You can see how to rename Dropbox files is quite simple, in less than 1 minute you can rename dozens of files you want. Renaming Dropbox files is also quite important if you have thousands of files in it. And if you already own such a large amount of resources, why not create two-layer security for it, with the feature of creating two-layer security for Dropbox that will help your precious files always be protected. safe.

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