How to remove photo backgrounds Online without installing Photoshop

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Deleting the background image or removing the image background is a way for you to erase the background behind the main object in the photo, thereby being able to combine these objects into other more beautiful backgrounds, it will be difficult. If you have never used Photoshop image editing software before, now this worry will be gone when there is a tool to help you remove photo backgrounds Online without installing Photoshop with just one click.

A tool to help you remove photo backgrounds Online without installing Photoshop is called This is a completely free online font removal site for you to edit photos online. The simple thing that you just need to do when you want to separate the background from the image with this website is: Upload the image, all the rest, will process within “1 note” and you will have immediately 2 photos with transparent background, PNG format later.

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Instructions to remove photo background online

How to remove photo backgrounds Online without installing Photoshop

Step 1: From the browser on the computer or phone you are accessing, you can go to the website that supports removing image backgrounds Online without having to install Photoshop: HERE

Step 2: On the main interface of the website has just been redirected to, you select the function Upload Image.

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Select the image to remove the font, separate the background online and wait for a moment. Image processing is fast or slow depending on the quality of the image you are uploading.

Note: It is advisable to choose images with a clear contrast between the main image and the background to be separated so that the separated object has the highest possible accuracy.

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Step 3: After processing is complete, the website will produce an image containing the object, the main object in the photo that you need to separate the background, remove the font.

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To download this image, you select the function Download –> Select line Full Image to download the full image.

how to remove english wallpaper online with removebg

The next window, you find the line Full Image and select Get 1 Free.

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Step 4: To download the image with the background removed, remove the font in full size, you will need to account registration. You will only be able to download once a day for free with the above fonts removed. For more downloads, you can upgrade your account to premium.

Fill in the required information according to the available request form that the website offers to register for an account, including:

+ Email: Email address
+ Password: Password
+ Password confirmation: Re-enter password
+ Check the box: I agree to the… To agree to the terms and conditions of use.

Finally press Sign up to proceed with registration.

removebg online removal website

Next, access the Email address you just entered above to activate your account by selecting Activate account.


Step 5: After successful account registration. You go back to the website that has just removed the background image and proceed to log in (If the website requires it). The download interface has now changed, you select Download in the Full image line to download the background image online to the device.

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And this is the result when you follow the steps above.

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Online photo background removal tool without installing Photoshop or image background removal software is extremely useful and convenient, isn’t it. Please share this with your friends and family right away so that everyone knows. In addition, if you love the Photoshop image editing tool and want to change the image font with this software, you can refer to it How to change photo background with Photoshop here. Wishing you success

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