How to quickly spin Coin Master spins, spin many at once

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Bet is a new feature in Coin Master that helps players spin more Coin Master spins quickly, the number of rewards is also multiplied after completing. The more Spins in the inventory, the higher your bet can be.

In the game Coin Master, Spins is the most important energy that most people want to have a lot, it helps you to attack or destroy other players’ houses, loot gold coins to build your village, there are many ways to earn Spin Coins Master but most players will have to lose a certain number of Spins for each spin…. So how to spin multiple Coin Master Spins at once, the rewards received are not reduced? Here is the method.

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Tips for spinning multiple Coin Master spins at once

Download and install Coin Master latest version

=> Link to download Coin Master for Android
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=> Link to download Coin Master for iPhone
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Instructions to place high Bet, spin many Coin Master spins

For those of you who are new to Coin Master game for the first time, you will definitely not know how to spin quickly, spin many Coin Master spins at once … NPH developed this feature to serve those who do not have time, play fast. but the reward must still be guaranteed. Normally, if not adjusted or set up, each spin you lose 1 Coin Master spins because the Bet value is set to x1.

how to quickly spins coin master spins a lot of time 2

Unchanged Bet bet value is still x1 and the reward

You can choose to bet Betx higher by directly clicking on the . button Betx but they will depend on the amount of Coin Master spins the player currently owns, of course the higher the Betx, the reward after each spin received is proportional to the bet value set. As follows:

– Spins Coin Master Betx1: Every spin 1 spin and the reward gets x1
– Spins Coin Master Betx2: Each spin 2 spins and the reward gets x2
– Spins Coin Master Betx3: Each spin 3 spins and the reward gets x3
– ……… |

=> similarly you can place higher Betx depending on your Coin Master Spins.

how to quickly spins coin master spins many times 3

Bet value changed x3 and bonus 3x

Through the 2 illustrations above, you must have understood somewhat how to adjust, the number of spins and the rewards received, right? With a fast spin, spinning a lot of Coin Master spins at once will definitely be a lot more interesting, they also don’t make you feel bored when you own too many spins that can only be spin once.

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