In the middle of the night “snooping to break the train”, the young man received a bitter ending when he met the wrong master

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However, with the leveling monster train, there will be funny stories that many players have ever witnessed. It can be teams of “acc clones” to maximize the benefits received, a series of fierce battles just to win the right to own the land … more creeps and most memorable, are those who are not self-sufficient. energy, night and day only 1 passion is to go “ca khau”.

Train monsters to level up is one of the elements that are very popular with MMORPG gamers

There are many games that cut this mechanism or if so, the amount of Exp the player receives is extremely meager, partly causing the plowing power to be restrained, the chances of Top racing decrease. However, for games like The Temple of Heaven, when training real monsters… leveling up, each monster, each creep field is a golden opportunity. Therefore, the appearance of a few “disruptors” is inevitable.

There are countless memories born from these “farm creeps” but the most memorable is the story of some… “breaking train”

Recently, a male gamer with Facebook “NVD” posted the moment he caught the guy “breaking the train”. In most cases, when the owner of the acc has plugged in and went out to do other things, the “train breakers” often have the advantage of being surprised, making the victim unable to manage, easily sending them back to the city in an instant. . Unfortunately for NVD’s opponent, the “cat game” he intended to perform did not come true.

An urgent post from the guy NVD

NVD is basically, also a “handsman” in the server, just looking at the bright titles above his character’s head is enough to understand. In just a few seconds of the competition, the strength of the battle was clearly visible. The stranger soon built his face in a series of skillful combos that this guy used. It didn’t take much longer, the “train break” became prey, even though he tried to escape, the ending was inevitable.

Indeed, not everyone is brave enough to turn on PK to deal with these strangers

Of course, not all players are brave enough to “turn on PK” to deal with strangers like NVD There are still unfortunate victims who just ran down to get a water bottle, when they returned, they saw the character was blown away. to the city. There are many other players who are just waiting to “break the train” to show their PK talent in a moment, it’s great to be challenged by anyone. The game, having PK, having a fight is an interesting thing that can’t be missed.​

However, many opinions say that the game must have such a fiery PK that it is a difficult thing to give up

There are quintessence of PC games in the past, nowadays it’s hard to find in the Mobile series, leveling up monsters is one of them. Phong Lang Thien Ha not only brings the PK battlefields of thousands of people “no jerk, lag” or the system of Heroes is super diverse, supporting fighting in the most unpredictable ways … but it also breathes life back to definition of “role-playing plow hoes”. There is strife, there is pleasure, there is humiliation, and there are times of majestic honors.

Phong Lang Thien Ha is considered one of the MMORPGs with the most impressive debut in 2020

The incident this time, believing that the other mysterious train breaker has learned from his experience, should not anger the masters of this country, return to the city as if playing. Or maybe, he will return to train “hardcore” more to come back “revenge” tomorrow? In Phong Lang Thien Ha’s virtual martial arts scene, nothing is impossible.

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