Free Fire: How to use a professional hunting gun

Shotgun – Shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons in the Free Fire game. Shotgun is “deadly” in close-range battles but requires a high level of skill to use it effectively. Let’s find out with everything you need to know and how to use a shotgun in Free Fire How is it!

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How to use shotgun in Free Fire

Choose the right skills for the job

Jota’s Sustained Raid and Caroline’s Agility both provide plugins for players using a shotgun. However, only Jota’s skills are worth using. At the highest level, Sustained Raid increases HP by up to 40 after each kill. This is quite important to maintain stamina in the constant fight without wasting time healing. And you will find the best combination of this skill when fighting with a team or ambushing with a shotgun inside a building in a “hot” area.

Jota in Free Fire

You should join the close-range battles with Jota and shotguns. In this situation, Hayato’s abilities will increase his damage significantly.

Get the strongest gun possible

Hunting rifles in Free Fire

This class has 3 weapons in Free Fire. Overall, the M1014 is the best choice because it’s an automatic shotgun. Although it can increase the error, you can still take down the target. The two-shot M1887 and the one-shot SPAS 12 are not as good as you have to aim extremely accurately when using them.

Basic gameplay

Take a shot first

Try to predict the location of the enemy with headphones and aim for that location, just before you see them. You will have better targeting time this way.

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Take a shot first in Free Fire

Jump shot – Jump and shoot

In close-range combat, you can leap at the enemy – while falling, wait until the center of the gun is on their head and press the shoot button. That is the Jump Shot technique in Free Fire.

By jumping, you can easily move the gun center to the enemy’s head. Moreover, the enemy is also difficult to aim at your head.

Jump Shot in Free Fire

Surprise the enemy

Try sneaking behind your opponent, ambush in the corner or suddenly rush in so that they cannot react.

Surprise enemies in Free Fire

The above is how to use a shotgun in Free Fire. If you know any other tips, please share with readers offline!

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