GTA 5: Synthesis of challenges in FreeMode mode

Chế độ FreeMode trong GTA 5

Freemode in the action game GTA 5 street robbery is the basic game mode allowing 60 players on one server. Gamers will wander the streets of Los Santos participating in gunfights or admire the scenery of the mountains of Chiliad and some different lands in the world of Grand Theft Auto V.

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True to the name of the Freemode mode that appears in Grand Theft Auto V at some point, you will receive a RP bonus and cash on completion. Below will be a list of challenges in Freemode mode when playing GTA games.

FreeMode mode in GTA 5
FreeMode mode in GTA 5

Challenge list of Freemode mode in Grand Theft Auto V

  • Drive-by Challenge – Driving challenge: Driving while killing the most.
  • Headshot Kills Challenge – Headshot murder challenge: Achieve the highest number of kills against opponents with the highest headshot.
  • Most Bridges / Fly Under Bridges Challenge – Fly over as many bridges as possible in a limited amount of time.
  • Sniper Kills Challenge – Sniper gun challenge: Kill the most opponents with a sniper gun.
  • Highest Speed ​​Challenge – Driving speed challenge: Get top speed when racing with 1 car.
  • Longest Flying Inverted Challenge: Upside down creates the longest travel distance.
  • Longest Bail Challenge: Travel the furthest distance with 1 car on the road.
  • Longest Fall Survived Challenge: Fall from the highest distance without dying.
  • Longest Freefall Challenge: Create the farthest distance before opening the parachute.
  • Longest Jump Challenge: Perform the longest jumping challenge with a car on the ground.
  • Reverse Driving Challenge – Reverse Driving Challenge: Driving against the longest distance.
  • Longest Stoppie Challenge – The longest stopping challenge: Perform the longest stop duty with motorbike.
  • Longest Wheelie Challenge – The longest single wheel driving challenge: Travel on a motorbike for the longest time.
  • Low Flying Challenge – Low flying challenge: Fly closest to the longest ground.
  • Lowest Parachute Challenge – Low Parachute: Parachuting at the lowest height to the ground.
  • Melee Challenge – Melee challenge: Kill the most people with melee weapons like hammers and axes.
  • Near Misses Challenge – Overcome many nearby vehicles: travel on a motorcycle and pass other traffic without dying.
  • No Crashes Challenge – No Crashes Challenge: travel the longest distance without trouble.
  • Vehicles Stolen Challenge – Car theft challenge: steal the most means.

Updated: May 26, 2020

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