How to get ingredients to upgrade in the game Campaign Legend

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As mentioned, to be able to play well and easily overcome the challenge in any game, the most important thing is how to make your character stronger. Particularly for the Legendary Campaign, there were 2 previous articles that shared with you how to upgrade weapons and Character strength upgrades. However, the problem is that to do that, players need enough gold and upgrade materials.

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As long as one of the above two conditions is missing, the upgrade cannot be performed. About gold and the fastest way to earn gold we already know, but what about the rest of the ingredients?

Although the materials needed to upgrade guns (increase firepower) and upgrade characters (increase combat power) are different, the ways to get them are completely the same. There are a few ways you can do it:

1. Complete the quests to receive ingredients

In Campaign Legend there are two types of missions, each of which gives players 1 type of materials needed for upgrading.

  • Daily mission: Mainly provides gold, experience and stamina (enough material) to upgrade.
  • The main task: When you complete this quest, players will receive the materials directly to upgrade (required materials). Includes: various weapon parts (hot, stock, body, ammunition box or sight …) and military items such as shoes, hats, armor, gloves …

Complete quests to receive ingredients rewards

Each mission type will provide different ingredients and depending on the difficulty – the ease of each type of task that the number of players after completing it will vary.

Get ingredients to upgrade when participating in quests

2. Participate in Campaigns to receive upgrade materials

This is the direct, fastest and easiest way for players to know and find the specific ingredients they need. For each unsuccessful upgrade (due to lack of main ingredients), a message will appear, and at the same time a small window appears next to it, this is information suggestions for players to have This material can be directly and accurately received.

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Each level will be given a specific upgrade material

Participating in Campaigns, participating in PKs or Challenges are all ways for players to get materials to upgrade effectively.

How to get ingredients to upgrade in the game Campaign Legend

Different Campaigns will have different rewards

This is also how the Legendary Campaign encourages players to use it to increase the effectiveness of the upgrades (because each upgrade will have a different strength stat).

Join the Campaign

3. Participating in Challenges can receive many upgrade materials

Of all the ways in which upgrade material can be obtained, entering Challenger mode is the simplest, but can get the most. On average, just pass level 3 to get about 10 ingredients. If in the image below, when the writer passed the 5th act, he received nearly 20 different ingredients.

Enter the challenge to get bonus material upgrades

4. Get ingredients to upgrade from the Shop

Shop in the game Legendary Campaign is quite “generous” when continuously giving players 5 times to receive free ingredients per day and 1 time to receive “extreme” ingredients every 48 hours.


  • Buy a rifle card: Rotation is allowed once every 10 minutes.
  • Buy purple gun tag: After about 48 hours you will receive a free ingredient, puzzle piece.

Buy upgrade materials in the shop

With the purchase of barcards, the raw materials are usually gun parts.

Get free ingredients

But if you complete all 5 free purchases, you’ll even get a full MP5 like this “free”.

Free gun donation

In addition, if “house with conditions” you can choose to go to Items, Offers, Gift boxes to buy more materials in gold or diamonds.

Buy in the shop

5. Split weapons to get materials

For those who have a lot of unused weapons, we can split them apart to get more useful materials. How to split the gun has been shared by the writer on the page, you can visit to review.

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Above are 5 ways to get materials to upgrade weapons fastest that want to share for you to be able to play better Legendary Campaign game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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