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Subway Surfer is the non-stop runner game “Endless Runner” on Android, iOS, Windows Phone. The game tells about the mischievous boy Jake who loves Graffiti and electric gas is always the place where he chooses to show his talent. However, Jake is always chased by his fastidious guard and dog. The non-stop race also starts here.

The runner game is too familiar, but it is not easy to get high scores and really control the character smoothly. Earning more points, lots of gold coins is quite important. It helps you buy more characters in the subway racing club, buy more gaming aids without having to reload real money. will help you learn how to play as well as how to score the most points in the game.

Subway Surfer can be downloaded for free for the platforms below

To achieve a high score in the game, first of all requires you to fully understand its functions, taking advantage of them will make the game much easier.

1. Introduce how to play and some function buttons in the game

How to play: Like many other runner games, you don’t have any difficulty controlling the character. Simply slide left or right on the screen to move the character to the side, slide up to jump up, slide down to hide to avoid the obstacles ahead. Double-tap the screen to use the skateboard.

Some function buttons in the game

subway surfer

1. Missions located in the top left corner of the screen are the tasks you need to complete. Each mission has a target item and the number of rewards is displayed when you click the Mission button. You can only do other tasks when you have passed a previous one or skip a task through the purchase app.

2. Daily Challenge Daily quests are missions that have a time limit of 24 hours. Once you have completed the quest you need to wait until the timer reaches 00 to continue playing this quest type.

3. Hoverboard: skateboards that protect you from a collision for 30 seconds. Tap 2 times to activate the skateboard while running. Note, you can only use it when there is a quantity of hoverboards available or you can buy directly by clicking the skateboard icon right on the home screen.

4. Tap to enter sound, reminder, Facebook login …

5. Weekly Hunt will change in each updated version, you can complete this type of mission during the day or week to win prizes as keys, skateboard or mystic box.

6. Click on the icon numbered 6 to receive daily bonuses or purchase offers.

7. Friends: here you can join a rails surf club, compare scores with friends in the country and around the world, etc.

8. Here you can access 3 main categories which are characters, skateboards and prizes. At the character button, you can buy more characters, equip them with new clothes. The skateboard button allows you to equip new skis for your character. Each type of skateboard has different special prices and abilities. And get rewarded at the Award button.

9. Shop: here you can buy character aids, buy more gold, or earn free gold by following the requirements. The amount of gold you can earn for free by logging into Facebook, Twitter, Youtube can bring in nearly 10,000 gold!

2. How to play Subway Surfer high score

Make use of Save me with a key

If you have come a long way, please take advantage of the Save me function after the end of the level to start a new level with the same points and gold coins. The number of keys required to Save me also increases depending on the number of times you play.

subway surfer

Collect Jetpark boosters and gold-absorbing magnets

Sometimes you need it “ignore” Gold coins to collect Jetpark and magnets. Rockets will help you maximize speed, magnets will assist you to suck up money in a certain period of time.

Subway SurferSubway Surfer

Collect as many stars as possible

Star-eating will help you multiply your score by 2, 3, 4 or even 30 times depending on your ability to run on rails.

subway surfer

Buy green energy tanks and green stars

Once you have made a fair amount of money you can buy green energy tanks and green stars, it will help you multiply your score by 30 times the usual amount.

Buy super speed skis

Super speed skis will help your surfing speed push to the max plus the use of green energy and blue stars, a high score is not impossible.

Above are some tips to play Subway Surfer with the highest score. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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