How to fix the error of not being able to play 3D games on Firefox, Chrome, CocCoc web browsers

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Many of you when first playing 3D games on browsers like Firefox, Chrome or CocCoc will encounter the phenomenon of entering the game but not being able to play. So what is the cause of this error and how to fix it?

When you use web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, CocCoc or Opera to play 3D games, you will encounter the phenomenon of not being able to enter the game, now you notice that on the gaming interface it will ask you to install additional gaming applications. 3D. Here helps you fix this error.
Download Unity Player
The cause of the error does not play 3D games on the browser.

– Because you have not installed the Unity Web Player 3D game support utility

How to fix the error of not playing 3D games on the browser

Step 1: Download and install Unity Web Player:
* For Windows operating system: Unity Player
* For Mac OS operating system: Unity for Mac

After downloading the utility, you proceed to install it normally (You can refer to the image below)

play 3d games on computer with Unity Player
Click select I Agree
download Unity Web Player
Click finish to finish

Step 2: Close and reopen the browser you are using to play the game

Step 3: Go back to the game page you want to play, now that you have installed Unity Web Player, you can play the game normally. (Illustrating images)
unity player ho cho choi game 3d 11 - Emergenceingame

Previously, when publishers had not developed their games into 3D, users could easily play games when installing Adobe Flash Player, even on Google Chrome, there was no need for this software. However, with the development of technology, high configuration computers are used by users and are very fond of 3D games because of their beautiful graphics, so Unity Player is the perfect solution for you to play games. 3D across browsers.
The error of not playing the game on the operating system is the most annoying error for gamers, there are many reasons for this situation, if you are using Windows 10 Creators Update and encounter an error that cannot play the game, please refer to how Fix the error of not being able to play the game in Windows 10 Creators Update.

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