How to play Lillia League of Legends season 10 – A shy flower bud

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Before Lillia docked to the server Vietnam League of Legends, let’s Funny game Check out her gameplay, abilities, and items along with a few tips for the jungle. Here is everything you need to know about Lillia when she appeared in the update LOL 10.15.

New General Lillia - A shy flower bud

Lillia has a lower difficulty level than a champion’s recently released League of Legends, as Sett or Aphelios. As a jungler, you will need to be careful in using your skills to clear the camps along with organizing ganks, and pay attention to the mana amount and early game ganks if you don’t want to. will be punctured by the nature of the mage generals when going to the jungle.

1. Details of Lillia skill set:

Lillia’s passive skills:

Passive / Wandering Dream:

  • Deals bonus magic damage based on the target’s maximum health (including Monsters, Dragon, Baron and also enemy Heroes) for a certain amount of time.

Lillia's passive skills

Skill Q – Spinning Scepter:

  • When activated, Lillia swings the staff in a circle, dealing magic damage to nearby opponents, and dealing true damage to enemies outside the skill’s outer area. If you hit it, Lillia will gain extra movement speed.

The Spinach Spinning Skill

W – Strike:

  • Lillia will charge up before launching a staff attack, dealing wide area magic damage. Enemies in the center will take the same bonus damage Q3 of the Aatrox. This is considered a primary damage skill Lillia.

Lilla's W - Smash Freak

Skill E – Sprinkle Nuts:

  • She will throw one seed, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies when it hits an enemy. If thrown, the seed will continue rolling until it touches terrain or touches another enemy.

Peeled Seeds

Chieu R – Skill 4 – Deep Forest Ruins:

  • Lillia lullabies one or more opponents with pollen. Pollen-stained enemies will be slowed down before falling asleep. When awakened by damage, the enemy will receive additional magic damage.

Lilla's ultimate is a wide range uncontrolled attack

2. Lillia’s suitable equipment:

First match equipment:

Lillia's starting item

Hunter Charm: (350 gold)

  • 150% of the mana regeneration rate while in the jungle area.
  • UNIQUE Passive – Fang: Damaging monsters restores 25 health over 5 seconds. Gain +15 experience upon killing Big Monsters.

Reusable drugs: (150 gold)

  • Limited to one category Potions.
  • UNIQUE Active: Uses charges to restore 125 Health over 12 seconds. You can store up to 2 charges and full when visiting the Store.

Mid-game equipment:

Mid-battle items provide Lillia's cooldown

The Hourglass Zhonya:

  • +100 Ability Power
    +45 Armor
  • UNIQUE Active – Stopping: Put your hero in a state of invulnerability and being targeted, but at the same time you can’t do anything else for 2.5 seconds (90 seconds time). recuperation).

Spiritual Armor:

  • +500 Health
    +70 Magic Resist
    + 150% base HP regen
    + 10% Cooldown reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive: Increases all healing effects taken by 20%.

Truong Sinh Staff:

  • +300 Health
    +400 Energy
    +80 Magic Damage
  • Passive: This item grants +20 Health, +40 Mana, and +4 Ability Power per stack (up to +200 Health, +400 Mana, and +40 Ability Power). Gain 1 charge per minute (maximum 10 points).
    UNIQUE Passive – Courageous Reward: Upon leveling up, you restore 150 Health and 200 Mana over 8 seconds.

End-of-game and complete equipment:

  • Please retrofit these Item on magic resistance if you have to face formations with lots of magic power, if not, give yourself a lot of magic equipment to sweep the enemy team.

3. Some basic notes when playing Lilia:

Lillia Not an easy jungler to play. Make the most of your passive to maximize damage.

Let’s start eating blue before the game starts because Lilla It will take a lot of mana to go to the jungle.

Above are instructions on how to play Lillia basic League of Legends season 10 – the latest jungle magician of the forest Summoner’s Rift.

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