Guide to taking care of wolves in Minecraft

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Pets are your indispensable companion in Minecraft. They help you with many things like stash, defeat enemies and of course you can ride your pet. Therefore, taking care of your pet is very important.

The wolf is one of those pets that needs to be loved and cared for. In this article, will guide you on how to feed and take care of your pet wolf.

1. Feed the wolves

Wolves are like us, they need food. Some people do not understand this, leading to the wolf’s death. So let’s blanket it. No matter whether the food is raw or cooked, they can all energize your wolf.

Wolf blanket

You can tell when the wolf is hungry by looking at its tail. When the tail is raised, it means that it does not need food, and when the tail is down it means that it is in need of feeding.

2. Get the wolf active and working with you

Get the wolf active and working with you

Don’t be one of those careless people to leave a wolf at home and as a result it just sits there all day. When you go out, take it with you, but don’t take it with you when you mine deep into the reef because the wolf is clumsy and it may fall into lava. If you are gathering wood or exploring something, let it go.

3. Give the wolf a place to live

Give the wolf a place to live

You don’t want to live in a ramshackle house or an excavated cave, and neither does the wolf. Housing is one of the minimum needs, so build a decent house and give your wolf a private room with a bed, playground, food and water …

Do not use the wolf as a weapon of precaution, but treat it with love as your friend.

3. Keep a lot of wolves

Keep a lot of wolves

The best thing about a wolf is having friends to play with and interact with. You can breed wolves with raw beef. It’s really interesting to have a few little wolves around the house and watch them grow.

4. Naming and color coding

  Name and color code

If you have several wolves then you can color them in different colors, such as the male dog with blue, green or red and purple or pink for the female wolf. This is to help you differentiate and make your life easier. Also, if you find a tag in a dungeon or something, give your wolves a name.

5. When your pet wolf dies

If unfortunately your pet wolf dies, even if it is just a virtual pet, you should never let that be of the past. You can build a statue for a dead wolf, but if a statue is too complicated for you then at least build a beautiful tomb with flowers around it.

Thus, taking care and raising a pet wolf is not difficult, right? Treat your pet with love and care!

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