How to play Free Fire on 2GB RAM phones without lag

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Unlike PUBG Mobile, players can install and play Free Fire on most devices, even low-profile devices. However, playing games on weak, low-profile devices may have latency issues such as jerky, lag. So the following article will guide gamers how to play Free Fire on phones with 2GB RAM without lag or lag.

Staggering, lag are the biggest problems that most Free Fire players can face. Part of the cause of this situation is due to low-profile devices, 1, 2 or 3GB RAM. In order not to face this situation and experience the game in the most “perfect” way, players can apply the way to play Free Fire on phones with 2GB RAM without lag, below.

how to play free fire on 2gb ram phone without lag

Instructions to play Free Fire on 2GB RAM phones without lag

1. System requirements to play Free Fire

Minimum configuration:

Operating system: Android 4.4 and above.
CPU: Dual Core 1.2GHz
Free space: 1.5GB

Recommended configuration:

Operating System: Android 7
CPU: Octa core 1.8GHz
Free space: 3GB

2. How to play Free Fire on 2GB RAM phones without lag, lag

As mentioned above, stuttering and lag are the most common problems experienced by Free Fire players. Even this situation can happen even on devices capable of handling 60 FPS frame rates.

To fix these annoying issues, here are some ways to optimize and play Free Fire on a 2GB RAM phone without lag:

2.1. Close background apps on your device

When playing Free Fire games on any device, you need to be aware of the amount of RAM consumed by applications running in the background. Each application uses a seemingly small amount of RAM, but if there are many applications running on the device at the same time, you will experience lag and jerky due to the reduced memory allocated to the game.

free fire game on mobile phone 2gb RAM no lag

Since Free Fire requires a significant amount of RAM to run smoothly, you need to make sure that no other apps are running in the background. This will allow the game to fully utilize the device’s resources, increase FPS and provide a better experience when playing Free Fire.

2.2. Adjusting graphics settings in Free Fire

For some devices with low Android version, it is easier for players to experience game lag because of insufficient RAM or storage space. Therefore, the installation of graphics, Free Fire sensitivity is extremely important.

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how to play FF ​​without lag on 2gb ram phone

To minimize this situation, you need to access the Settings section of the game, select display => Mode selection Smooth give Graphics and thường for item High FPS.

This method can effectively solve the problem of stuttering and lag on many devices, helping gamers experience the Free Fire game more smoothly.

2.3. Using the Game Booster app

If the above two methods do not work, you can consider using the Game Booster application. This is a free Android app designed to optimize the device before running the game. When opening Free Fire, the Game Booster application will automatically optimize the amount of RAM to ensure the device can run the game and ensure the most optimal gaming speed.

With such an outstanding feature, there is no doubt that Game Booster is considered a lifesaver for players, especially for players who own low-capacity devices. However, players still need to be careful when using this application because this is only a third-party application, not officially released by Garena.

– Download link Game Booster here.

2.4. Turn off battery saving mode when playing Free Fire

When battery saving mode is enabled in the device’s settings, battery consumption will be significantly reduced, thereby prolonging battery life. Many gamers often turn on this mode to be able to play games longer as well as extend battery life.

FF game on mobile phone 2gb ram no lag

However, when this feature is enabled, the processor’s operating speed will decrease, which can easily lead to lag. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you need to turn off the battery saving mode so that the device can operate at its optimal capacity, making Free Fire play smoother.
Thus, the above article Taimienphi has instructed you to read how to play Free Fire on a phone with 2GB RAM without lag or lag. Wish you have hours of entertainment and fun gaming.

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