Tips for playing Cookie Carver: Life Challenge for beginners

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge is a free action game or no less Squid Game. Here are Tips for completing challenges in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge.

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge Developed by Casual Azure Games, consists of 6 challenges. You will get in-game coins after completing each level. You can earn more money in each game if you spend 30 seconds watching ads.

Overall, 6 challenges in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge same as in Squid Game. However, while the gameplay sounds simple, completing them is not as easy as you think.

How to play Cookie Carver: Life Challenge

  • The game of red lights and green lights in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge

    “Green-Run. Red – Stop” – “Green – Run. Red – Stop”.

    This is exactly the red and green light game of Squid Game mobile version. To finish it in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge, press and hold the character to run. Release your finger to stop. Keep an eye out for the green light at the top of the screen. Release your finger before it turns completely red.

    You can lift your finger to stop at any time but this is a time-based game so try to run to the finish line as quickly as possible before time runs out. Tips for playing Cookie Carver: Life Challenge here is to release your finger when the ruler is at least 60% red. It will reset when the losing contestant is eliminated. The closer to the finish line, the faster the gauge will turn red with each new lap. At this point, stop right before it turns 50% red.

  • The most boring challenge in the Squid Game, but still causes as many deaths. In Cookie Carver Life Challenge, the second game is the challenge of separating cake/candy. 4 round candies are placed on the table. The shapes engraved on these candies are circles, stars, umbrellas, and triangles. Choose one of them to start the challenge.

    Press and hold the screen to use the virtual needle to carve shapes on the candy. The needle automatically follows the dotted lines. All you need to do is press and hold the screen as long as the circular gauge above the needle is yellow. Release when it turns red. If you keep carving, you will lose. This is also a timed game so try to complete the mission before the time limit!

    After successfully etching the shape along the dotted line, now take it out of the candy by tapping the screen when the purple pointer is in the yellow part of the ruler. Remember not to press when the cursor is in the orange area.

  • Cookie Carver: Life Challenge tug of war

    The tug of war in Cookie Carver Life Challenge is also timed. Slightly different from the traditional version, the team that gets pulled to the middle will lose.

    Tap the screen repeatedly to pull the rope. If you want to increase the power, tap the screen quickly when the pink pointer is in the blue area of ​​the ruler at the top of the screen. By doing so, your team has full force to pull the rope, causing the opposing team to move closer to the middle faster. Try to win before the clock scores 0 offline!

  • Cookie Carver: Life Challenge jumping over the glass bridge

    In this challenge, the contestants will have to cross a bridge made of glass panels by jumping from one plate to another. But you will have to jump to the glowing yellow boards to reach the finish line.

    Glass Panel Bridge is like a memory game. Press Tap to Start and choose one of the 6 contestants to start playing. Tap the right and left side of the screen to jump from one yellow tile to the next. If you touch the right, the character will jump from one cell to the next in the right column. The same goes for tapping on the left.

    When Where to Jump appears on the screen, you must remember the yellow tiles to jump on them only if you want to reach the finish line.

    Tip: You can write down the location of the yellow squares on paper. Let’s abbreviate e.g. T – P instead of Left/Right to save time.

  • 0 5

    Red Light Green Light (v2)

    Game red light, green light 2

    Version 2 of the game red light, green light but much more dangerous than part 1. The challenge takes place on a rainy day. If the opposing contestant is eliminated by the shooters first, you win. You cannot reach the finish line if the other participants have not been eliminated. That means, if all have been excluded you, even if you haven’t reached the finish line, you still win.

    While pressing & holding the screen, you have to drag your finger across the screen to move the character to another opponent type location. The red arrow shown below the character indicates the direction of the next contestant. Follow that arrow to get close to your opponent, touch and eliminate them. Don’t forget to release your finger when the ruler turns red.

  • Cookie Carver: Life Challenge boss challenge

    The ultimate challenge in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge, Find the Boss is a stealth action game. You must hide behind armed guards to “wipe” them and reach the boss before he escapes. Pay attention to the angle of view of the guard (cone sensor). It alerts the guards and they will shoot you down.

    Hide behind walls if the guards see you or move quickly between walls. Go to the last room and attack the boss.

  • Above is how to play 6 challenges in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge. Hope the article helps you have an easier way to play Cookie Carver: Life Challenge.

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