How to play Dota perfectly

How to play Dota perfectly
OpenAI DotA 2 1 - Emergenceingame

OpenAI has a near perfect winning record against humans in Dota. But the success of AI has not been able to discourage the gaming community, just as computers have done when defeating the best chess players in the world.

Last week, OpenAI Five crushed the TI8 champion, OG. Commenting after the match was over, the N0Tail captain predicted his team could adapt and win at least one of the five games. Now, with the release of OpenAI Five Arena, all players have the opportunity to compete against Open AI, trying as many times as they want. Currently, OpenAI Five bots have a win record of 99.3%, but Dota isn’t just about that.

When confronting AI, humans feel it is a hopeless effort. Machines run everything perfectly. They understand every nook and cranny of moves and attacks, millisecond differences in attack and cast animations. They can move freely with unbiased precision.

AI’s Crystal Maiden completely outplays Topson, one of the top mid laners. Watching from the clip above, we see the AI ​​that knows how to exploit Shadow Amulet’s power, cast time, advantage of overhead vision, night vision, fog, and Sniper’s attack and cast time. In game 1 prior to OG, the AI ​​completely microed its heroes to dodge Riki’s Blink Strike animation, effectively negating Backstab damage.

We understand that we are slower than machines. But people still have some success thanks to unpredictable situations. The current AI is not very good at detecting stealth, keeping couriers alive and chasing heroes in bushes. They can waste ultimate as well as BKB, creating openings for players to exploit.

Yet, the machine still wins almost every time. Our ability to make decisions without thinking is still based on our own experience. Good gamers understand their strengths and weaknesses when facing opponents, as well as where heroes are on the map, or when to engage – without having to think.

OpenAI also knows how to learn from their mistakes, add 45,000 years of human data, and they remember every situation. The outcome of a teamfight has been determined before it even begins. They measure risk, success, and AI understands the outcome of a teamfight before it happens. If the AI ​​attacks you, they understand the probability in favor of the AI ​​itself once the spells are cast. So can your team do the same?

Like a professional Blackjack player, they know their probabilities, and make the best decisions at all times. And every decision, from the time of the fight to which lane to push, then to the direction to help win the kidney. It’s easy to give up when we know AI works more systematically than humans.

However, currently, the AI ​​has not used all the heroes in the Dota list. Will they be able to handle perfectly when the hero pool is full and applied? But either way, OpenAI has shown the unlimited potential of computers.

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