Pizza Party 2: Community reacts to EternaLEnVy’s latest kick decision

Gunnar và Newsham bị EternaLEnVy kick
Gunnar and Newsham were kicked by EternaLEnVy

TEAM TEAM, the team that qualified for MDL Disneyland Paris, now has only three members after Nico “Gunnar” Lopez and Jason “Newsham” Newsham were kicked from the team. Both of these players were on the roster for the Major qualifiers and won one of three Major spots in the North American region.

However, Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao, one of the new members of the team, decided these two were not part of the plan and kicked them out while the members were still playing ESL One Mumbai in India. . ESL One Mumbai was seen as a practice tournament for teams (with Keen Gaming winning the championship), including TEAM TEAM, but things soon turned into a battleground for the community.

According to Gunnar, he and Newsham partly predicted they would get kicked, but it was planned after the Major. He explained on the ESL One stream that they sat together after the qualifiers and everyone agreed they would both leave after the Major.

“We were threatened with getting kicked before the event. They said we would be playing at ESL One Mumbai and the Major, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore,” Gunnar said, adding that he felt it was a “private” matter between him and EnVy. “EnVy doesn’t like me”, is what Gunnar said.

In the next episode of the show, Kyle Freedman talks about this incident and how he feels about EternaLEnVy.

Kyle said “it’s time for everyone to stop cheering for the villain” (meaning EE in kicking the members out). After his response, people in the community started sharing their opinions.

We start with EnVy in our defense. He said he “doesn’t hate Gunnar.”

EG’s Tai “Fly” Aizik then agreed with Kyle’s words.

Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson, who was replaced by EternaLEnVy a few weeks ago at TEAMTEAM, is also upset about this. He thinks Gunnar and Newsham deserved to be at the Major and asked Valve to intervene, and believes the drama will calm down after a week if people don’t take it seriously.

Peter “ppd” Dager, former TI champion and former captain and CEO of Evil Geniuses, now competing in Europe, expressed his frustration about the drama. According to ppd, Mumbai was seen as a place for the team to practice more before the Paris Major, but in the end because of the bottom of the group, the two members of the team were not allowed to attend the Major anymore.

Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen pointed out Valve’s poor regulation of allowing situations like this to happen and sparking new controversies on Twitter.

Damien “kpii” Chok also joked that, unless there is a billionaire who pays for that team to let him go to the Major with them, Valve will not change the DPC rule.

Jonathan “Loda” The legendary Berg also hopes the DPC regulation must be changed.

William “Blitz” Lee lamented Gunnar’s attempt to win the Major but ended up facing Drama instead of going to Paris.

The final days of the ESL Mumbai tournament saw sad news. Here’s Gunnar’s latest pizza party, an EE meme from the Fnatic era.

According to Vpesports

EternaLEnVy blames Valve for the lack of communication in the Ohaiyo case

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