League of Legends: Upcoming ARAM Mode Update

League of Legends: Upcoming ARAM Mode Update
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Riot has just announced the new changes for Aram mode after the Bilgewater event in the latest update.

This is why the ban on champions was removed.

The Bilgewater event on Aram had a bunch of new changes for me, but now that the event has ended, Riot has reverted some of the changes back to the way they were – including the popular ones. In today’s update, Riot has compiled a list of changes and reasons for popular things being removed from this game mode.

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The first and most recognizable thing is that the banning mechanism has been removed so that players always target a champion to ban. For example, strong mages like Brand, Lux and Veigar, etc., and according to the reason given by Riot, banning champions has reduced the variety in this game mode. and the entertainment in Aram mode is also reduced.

Instead, the League of Legends development team will maintain balance changes to counter and reduce the power of mages. Moreover, Riot also intends to reduce the damage of ranged champions by 15% when away from 1000 units.

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While items like Sailor’s Vengeance or Ghost Boots are being tested and introduce more interesting and unique gameplay in Butcher’s Bridge mode, Riot is also removing items that have the ability to Strong healing. Moreover, there are equipment that needs to be adjusted to be more suitable before this mode reaches gamers.

Similarly, Backtrack is seen as a new thing to promote fights and help the game finish faster. A lot of champions make good use of this like Kog’Maw and Brand, etc. are currently holding extremely high win rates. Riot is also planning to remove some summoner spells in this mode, but they will bring it back after tweaking.

Along with the Bilgewater event, Riot also shortened the spawn time of each wave of minions so that each game in this mode does not last more than 25 minutes. However, these adjustments are unintentionally too effective and the game development team will reduce the spawn rate of minions before 15 minutes and nerf turrets in both early and late game.

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