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Teamfight Tactics Season 2 League of Legends is being highly appreciated by the gaming community with the gameplay changed a lot with the appearance of new elements as well as races and systems. In this article, we will learn about the favorite lineup in the Arena of Truth season 2: Single Ice Squad.

Truth Arena season 2 introduced a completely new Tribe system combined with elements appearing on the field to help the player’s tactics and improvisation greatly increase to be able to cope with the match situation. And in Teamfight Tactics season 2, each squad has a different advantage and counters each other a lot, almost no squad is too perfect.

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Interesting lineup of Teamfight Tactics season 2.

Single Ice Squad

Poison is a new Race that appeared in the Arena of Truth season 2 League of Legends with an extremely annoying ability to attack the opponent that will increase 50% of the enemy’s energy needed to launch the skill. This is an extremely annoying formation and counters almost all units that depend on their skills. Combined with Ice Tribe with the ability Freeze opponents, this is a coordinated formation that puts a lot of control on the opponent.

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Single – Ice Squad

How to build a Single Ice squad

The Single Ice squad is quite difficult to build from scratch, you can start building the Single Ice squad in the following way:

– Start with system Beast with Kog’maw, Warwick and another Beast, preferred Rek’sai for more damage.

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– Continue to build a squad, gradually adding Ice and Poison pieces, in addition, you can add more clans Steel to increase defense power.

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– Completed the Single Ice squad at level 7.

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You can then gradually replace the pieces with stronger pieces like Singed for the Poison system Lux Ice system.

The Single Ice lineup can still add other systems, especially Beast to increase the ability to kill the opponent. You can keep the Beast Element from the beginning of the game and build a formation towards 8 pieces as follows:

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Single Ice Beast Squad
Above is a guide to building a Single Ice squad in the Teamfight Tactics Season 2, a squad capable of exerting powerful control over the opposing team. You see more about ratings General 5 money Arena of Truth season 2 strongest here.

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