How strong is the MP5K gun, Zima car in PUBG Mobile? how to own

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PUBG Mobile has just released the latest update in which the most notable are the MP5K gun and Zima car, two newly released equipment, so what is the power of the MP5K gun and the Zima car in PUBG Mobile and how to own it? own them?

The survival game PUBG Mobile is still making very solid developments and asserting its position in the shooting game village. Latest update PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 appeared on November 8 brought a lot of interesting things for gamers, especially two new equipment MP5K gun and Zima car.

mp5k zima car in pubg mobile how can it be so huu

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The power of the MP5K gun in PUBG Mobile.

mp5k zima car in pubg mobile how do you make it so huu 2

SMG . gun series MP5K can be equipped with almost all the devices available in PUBG Mobile, the list is provided below:

– Magazines: System to expand magazine capacity
– Shutter compensation (silencer).
– Handle, butt of gun
– Sights/Scopes: Laser, holographic vision, 2x, 3x, 4x and 6x close-up vision.
– Stocks

mp5k zima car in pubg mobile how can it be so huu 3

MP5K has a high rate of fire and outstanding recoil with 33 damage, details below:

– Weapon system: SMG
– Use bullets: 9mm
– Damage: 33
– Damage/second: 495
– Range of influence: 100m
– Bullet speed: 380m/s

With the SMG line of guns, the bullet rate and low recoil are what make them have a strong amount of damage early in the game and are suitable for close or mid-range combat.

MP5K will be found on the map Vikendi to replace Vector.

The power of the Zima car in PUBG Mobile.

Zima vehicle is the latest vehicle in PUBG Mobile added in this update.

mp5k zima car in pubg mobile how can it be so huu 4

Zima will be the vehicle that replaces UAZ in Vikendi map and will only appear in Vikendi map. This will be the easiest car to drive in snow with its grip and anti-slip properties, making it the top choice in the Vikendi map. Although slower than other vehicles, Zima’s damage resistance is extremely high and can serve as a barrier for you in gunfights in open terrain.
Above are details about the power of new gun MP5K and new vehicle Zima in Vikendi map. You can see the details PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 what’s new here.

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