How to play defense mode in Assault

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Although it has only been released for a short time, it is the hottest shooting game today with many interesting game modes. Including Defense mode, an extremely attractive and attractive game mode. The way to play defense mode in Raid is very simple and this is also the most played mode in Raid Game.

As its name suggests – 4 players correspond to 4 characters with the task of defending, defending the base, fighting with the large and dangerous enemy force. Each battle will have 10 waves of enemy attacks, the number of enemy troops and the strength of the enemy increases each time a new turn is increased. Destroy all enemy troops after 10 waves and the base still exists, you will be the winner. Here would like to introduce to you how to play defense mode in the game Detachment.

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Choose the right character for the squad

To be able to best coordinate with our teammates, we should choose the type of character that suits our strategy and playstyle:

+ ElTigre: Good resistance to explosion damage when terrorist forces always use grenades.
+ BigDaddy: It can be said that this is the best resistant character in the squad along with the ability to equip armor for teammates.
+ Hawkeye: The character has long-range combat skills with a sniper rifle, the ability to observe is extremely good.
+ Striker: Support and protect teammates with a skill set to restore teammates’ health.

Fight in defense mode

As soon as the match starts, gather your teammates at the base to replenish health, ammunition and choose the best defensive position for you.

Note: Outside the base there are also points that replenish ammunition but don’t provide health

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Stay close to your teammates and strong points to avoid attacks from the enemy and support your teammates. Defeat as many enemies as possible to accumulate points after each round. Before each attack, there will be an announcement and after you destroy all the enemy troops, there will be a notice of the end of the attack.
The first four waves of soldiers you can easily overcome, but by the fifth wave, the enemy will be equipped with armor and heavy weapons.

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In case you or your teammates are defeated by the enemy, wait for your teammates to come to your aid and save your life. You can also save your teammates in distress by pressing the key E. In this mode, the enemy’s attack is very “violent”, so keep an eye on the location of your teammates.

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If your entire team is defeated, you can still save the match by spending 500GP to continue fighting. After each match, a result table will appear showing you the number of points and the amount of GP earned

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In order to master the Defense mode, let’s practice this mode often. If you are a new player, you can refer to the instructions for creating an account in the game. Let’s fight together and install more according to the instructions! The installation of Strike takes place very quickly, right after that you can join the fiery first matches with your teammates.

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