How to play Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour

Bí quyết chinh phục Coin Rush trong Mario Kart Tour

Coin Rush is the exciting mini-game of the new Mario racing game. This article will guide you through the exciting mini-game in Mario Kart Tour.

The secret to conquering Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour
The secret to conquering Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour

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Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour is where you collect gold to buy your favorite drivers, vehicles and roller coaster in the store. Conquer this challenge, you will have more than 300 coins and the chance to own a golden character in the shop.

To access this mini-game, press the button + next to the total number of coins located at the top of the screen. The Coin Rush screen will open. Next, choose the number of Ruby you want to use or the Coin Rush ticket to enter this mode.

Basically, this is not too difficult a challenge. You will play as Gold Mario, then drive through the New York Minute racetrack and collect coins as you play.

Quick win tips and tricks in Mario Kart Tour – Coin Rush

Gold Mario has the ability to collect gold and automatically suck all the coins around. That means, you sometimes don’t need to touch the screen to collect them.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the amount of gold you earn:

  • Use simple controls: This is the best dashboard to conquer Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour. You do not need to compete with the adventure drift screen or anything like that. Exactly the most important. Suppress the desire to show off your difficult skills here, just choose a simple mode in this race.
  • Stick to the center of the track: The closer you are to the track center, the more coins you will collect.
  • If you really need a character in Mario Kart Tour, save Ruby and play x10 mode for 3,000 coins to unlock them in the store. Ideally, you should save on Coin Rush or Ruby tickets to play this mode when that character is in the store. Silver-level characters only require an investment of 15 Ruby, while, a gold level requires 25 Ruby. That’s still 10 times cheaper than hitting the sewer pipe and guarantees you get your favorite character.
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The above is Tips to play Mario Kart Tour – Coin Rush the most effective. Hope the article is useful to you.

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