Mini World Block Art: How to change language into Vietnamese

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Mini World: Block Art, a world with diverse square blocks and many attractive game modes to help gamers unleash creativity and entertainment with their friends and relatives, inspired by Minecraft. Mini World: Block Art has a slightly similar graphics to this famous game. Therefore, the gameplay of Mini World is somewhat similar to Minecraft, but more diverse in game modes.

Because the default language in Mini World is English, so many people who are not fluent in English or just know a little bit will not be able to explore all the features in the game, in the article below will guide How to change the language to Vietnamese in Mini World: Block Art.

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Mini World: Block Art

Instructions for changing the language into Vietnamese in Mini World: Block Art

Step 1: Launch Mini World up, select the settings icon in the upper right corner.

Mini World Vietnamese

Next click Settings.

Mini World Vietnamese

Step 2: In the item Basic, choose symbol language (Language) at the bottom.

Mini World Vietnamese

Then in the language table you choose Vietnamese.

Mini World Vietnamese

The message to restart the game to change language appears, press Confirm to agree.

Mini World Vietnamese

Then go out and turn on the game again, you will see that the game language has been changed.

Mini World Vietnamese

Because it is 100% Vietnameseized, all items in the game will be converted to Vietnamese. Even small entries, except for specific names only.

Mini World Vietnamese

In active notification menus, in-game settings are also changed to Vietnamese on Mini World: Block Art.

Mini World Vietnamese

Above is the Mini World: Block Art language conversion guide into Vietnamese, with the language change to Vietnamese in Mini World, you will join and learn more easily. If you are new to the world of Mini World: Block Art you can see the article How to play Mini World: Block Art for newbies.

Wish you have hours of fun and entertainment!

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