Top 3 soccer games for Vietnamese Futsal fans

Do not know since when and why football is so popular, people even gave it a beautiful name as the sport “king”. And for those who love games, who are crazy fans of football, the games are similar, games PES good FIFA is “spiritual food” not to be missed.

More than ever, 2016 was the year when domestic football received the news that could not be happier when it was the first time Futsal football surpassed the defending champion Japan to enter the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup. For this opportunity, would like to send you the 3 hottest futsal game products currently on mobile.

Futsal Football 2015

Futsal Football 2015

With over 1 million downloads, Futsal Football 2015 brings the perfect World of Football. Although there is no World Cup mode like many other football games, but with the extremely interesting Tournament (World Cup) game mode, Futsal Football 2015 gives players a lot of feelings from many different angles. .

Starting the game with only average players, even weak players, the player’s task is to compete, upgrade and increase the stats of the players, thereby helping the team to be stronger to be able to go. Compete and compete with other teams.

Futsal soccer game

Players have 4 types of pitch to choose from

In addition, the Settings team mode also allows us to choose from easy to difficult game modes, and at the same time adjust the time of each match (prolong or shorten) to be more suitable.

futsal game on the phone

Download Futsal Football 2015 game on iOS
Download Futsal Football 2015 for Android

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Futsal Football 2

This can be considered as the most successful football futsal game on the phone today. Futsal Football 2 has a World Cup game mode designed extremely meticulously and meticulously, in addition to the QuickPlay mode also gives users more options to experience the game.

Game Futsal 2

With a well-thought-out graphic image and a changed gameplay angle for the widest coverage while still ensuring efficiency, the product of developer HCGamerLove offers a perfect futsal World.

Futsal soccer game 2

Futsal Football 2 also has a lot of teams for players to choose from, including some teams in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia … In addition, with some ads appearing in the game, people players can go to Settings – Settings to remove.

Game futsal 2

The game has a left navigation button and 2 Tachle buttons (steal the ball), Shoot (kick the ball) on the right, quite clear but not easy for new players. The number of more than 10 million downloads is the best proof of the attraction of this game.

Soccer game

Download Futsal Footbal 2 for iOS

Download Futsal Footbal 2 for Android


This game also has no World Cup game mode, the graphics are not as good and quality as the two games above, but Futsal is quite easy to play even for first-time experience.

In addition to the above disadvantages, Futsal completely recreated the field of this field in real life. Details “stands” have been reduced to focus more on the ball field as well as the players. This is also quite understandable when Zarapps for some reason has designed quite large control buttons (sometimes causing the gaming process to suffer).

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Futsal game

In addition, this is also a game with a rather strange gameplay. That is, the two teams will put all their numbers into the opponent’s field, meaning that when a team attacks, all of the team players will return to the home field to defend. Although it seems that this gameplay is quite rigid and not very flexible, but in terms of entertainment, it is still acceptable.

Download Futsal for iOS

Download Futsal for Android

It can be considered as a gift that gives to football enthusiasts and fans of Vietnam. Hopefully you will have more options to let go of “poker” as well as to relax with your preferences!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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