How to play Coin Master to preserve Spin

Huong dan choi Coin Master bao toan Spin 700 - Emergenceingame

Most players playing Coin Master do not know how to preserve Spin, people often play until the Spin runs out, then go get a card, recharge or run the Spin. Below will be some tips for you to play the game Coin Master without ever having to run Spin by for your reference.

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How to preserve Spin when playing Coin Master

Stop at the right time when joining the event

You need to know how to stop at the right time when participating in a spinning event. For example, that event has 1000 hammers and you only have 1000 spins, it is best to stop to participate in another event, we need to make sure the number of spins must be much larger if you do not want to run out of spins in the middle.

Only open chests and get cards when Spin runs out

As we know the more later it will be harder to find cards, if you waste all the card sets in the first place, when the Spin runs out we don’t have any cards to complete because rare cards are very difficult.

How to play Coin Master preserves Spin
How to play Coin Master preserves Spin

Money is more important than Spin

Money in the game is more important than Spin, so try to store as much money as possible. When the Spin runs out, you can buy chests to open new cards according to the tip to get more cards. In addition, we can also play Viking Quest to get 5000 Spin when reaching level 30 or above or buy Cast For Chest to get Spin.

Participating in events must be profitable

When participating in any event be sure to make a profit from it to get Spin out by playing raid money. For example if you start with 9700 Spins try to earn 13000 Spins. Take the balance of Spins to spend and keep the original Spin to wait for a new event.

Play raid make money
Play raid make money

Do not play rankings for yellow cards

Normally to get 1 gold card you will have to spend 10,000 or more spins and complete the gift set to receive a maximum of 5000 spins. Should consider when you see the gift of a yellow card, please ignore and wait for the donation of 4000 spins, the clown chest please join.

Not participating in racing top rankings

Leaderboard racing is one of the things that cause the most spins, we will spend a lot of spins and not make the top. In the list of top 1, 2, 3, etc. will usually be the bots of the game, these bots will prevent you from winning spins and the top reward is not worth the amount of spins spent plowing.

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