Garena Free Fire: Easy tips for playing TOP 1 in the game

Garena Free Fire, a survival shooter that is being loved by many mobile gamers on mobile platforms along with other survival shooter titles, as you have played through it is Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite The gameplay of these games works exactly the same, but each game has its own characteristics.

Garena Free Fire

So many people have used the advanced tips on the survival shooters above on Garena Free Fire and thought that they will work, but sometimes the result is not, actually you just need to use very simple tips in Garena Free Fire that have been summarized in the article below. Stay tuned to see what we will have to do in Garena Free Fire.

If you do not have a Garena Free Fire account, please see the article Instructions to create a Garena Free Fire account offline.

How to play Garena Free Fire quickly won the top 1

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IphoneGarena Free Fire

1. Don’t sprung the parachute in a hurry

Garena Free Fire

When jumping off the plane for a while, you can open the parachute, but the advice for you is not to open the parachute right now, opening it too soon will make you land much slower than the rest of the competition. And when they landed, the enemy was equipped with guns with teeth, worse, they could shoot you while still floating in the air.

That’s why you just need to choose a skydive location on the map, how to position it so that when the game automatically pops the parachute for you, you can still land at the exact position you want, so you will land quickly. and the ability to loot weapons against the enemy will be higher.

2. Start running, away from the city

As soon as you land, run quickly. This is not a good time to fight. Cities are home to a lot of battles, so stay away from them at the beginning of the game. You should keep as far away as possible from other players. Let them kill each other on their own. Try to be the last person to jump off the plane to land in a peaceful position. The center of the map is the most “stressful” area, so if you land here, use your car to get somewhere else as quickly as possible.

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Run away from the city in Free Fire PC

3. Note the loot of armor and helmets

Garena Free Fire

Weapons are also important but if you have found one or two items then start looking for yourself a suit of armor, a hat, most players focus on finding weapons first but forget that armor with hats, If you have the best weapons in the game and you don’t have a piece of armor on your body, just a Sniper bullet is enough to take you down.

So prioritize them when you have loot weapons, especially helmets because if you headshot you also have a better chance of surviving than just armor, and in the case of running away, having armor is better than just having weapons. gas in hand.

4. Limiting the ride

Garena Free Fire

If you play with your team, you can also fight the enemy while sitting in the car, you can sit in the car and shoot back if you are attacked while your teammates are driving, or vice versa, if you play in mode. At Solo, don’t get in the car except in emergencies such as blood poisoning.

Because when moving, the car will make a noise and will attract other enemies, if detected but not running fast, you will only “go back to the tools”, but if you get out of the car, leave. That area is as fast as possible, the worst is that if you are alone in the car and meet the enemy team, 90% of you will be a “roast pig”.

5. Should loot in favorable situations

Garena Free Fire

If you encounter a “hearing” chest (Air Drop) while playing in Solo mode, do not get too close if you are not prepared to face the surrounding enemies. Items in “hearing” everyone wants, but do not rush in haste, lest you will no longer live to loot things because there will always be predators.

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Secondly, you should ignore the dead corpses in the last circle because at this time, your equipment is quite complete, so when entering the last circle, there is no need to loot items in those corpses. Also, unless your ammunition is running low and the healing item is gone.

Because the range of the game is narrowed now, players can see each other very easily, so if you have to loot, you should prioritize healing items instead of weapons.

6. Use headphones while playing

Garena Free Fire

You will hear footsteps closer to you and the sound in the game will be more complete when using a good headset, especially in the case of the last round, you will better locate the enemy. when using headphones.

7. Lying and crawling

Garena Free Fire

With the range of the end ring, every sound and every move will easily reach the opponent’s ears or eye level, which is why you should not run a paw in the street now, try Move as gently as possible to avoid being noticed by other enemies.

If you can locate the bottom board, move to, lay down on a certain lawn or stay in the nearest house and wait, avoid going through empty areas, but take advantage of buildings as objects. block because you can see enemies from the window but they can’t see you.

8. Always pay attention to the Mini Map

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has a feature that perhaps few people notice on the Mini Map, that is when an enemy fires, on the Mini Map a red arrow appears, pointing the arrow towards which direction it is. enemy position, so always keep an eye on this point to your advantage and ambush the enemy while in a fierce fight.

9. Using BlueStacks, activate Battle Royale mode

Obviously, you can hardly play Free Fire comfortably on the small screen of a mobile device. You easily press the wrong button and miss the opportunity. Then why not use BlueStacks and activate the Battle Royale mode? Keyboard and mouse will make your gaming experience more enjoyable than ever. You’ll move faster, aim better, and play Free Fire like a PC FPS game.

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Use BlueStacks to activate battle royale mode in Free Fire PC

10. Do not run in the last round

Don’t run away in sprint. You have to be constantly on the move, but that doesn’t mean you have to run everywhere. A moving subject is more likely to attract attention. The best way to let other players know your location is to run in a large open area. Move slowly and carefully, and lie down whenever needed. Stay away from open areas or stay in or near buildings. In other words, make sure at least one of your sides is protected at all times. Don’t forget you don’t have to enter the building to check out the rooms. You can look inside through the window.

Use caution when moving in the late stage of Free Fire PC

11. Get down to avoid shotgun bullets

Although shotguns do great damage, these weapons can only fire one bullet at a time. After a while, they can reload. You should take advantage of this to avoid being taken down by shotgun by bending down. When the enemy uses a shotgun to shoot you, quickly lie down or bend over to avoid bullets, then, counterattack while the opponent waits to reload the ammunition for the next shot.

12. Revive and heal at the same time

How to play Free Fire quickly wins

It saves your teammates time and gets back in the game soon. In intense shooters like Free Fire, time is a deciding factor. If you shoot faster than your opponent, the more success you have. When reviving a teammate, you can use medical equipment and heal at the same time.

Above are some great tips to play Garena Free Fire, the above instructions you can completely apply even as a newbie, use the right place in the right place in the survival battle of Garena Free Fire.

Another factor in how to play Free Fire Quick victory is the choice of weapons, see the article Synthesize weapons in the game Garena Free Fire to choose for yourself the most suitable weapon.

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