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How to play Chess game on Arena of Valor as expected does not have much difference from League of Truth of League of Legends and Auto Chess on Dota 2. Gamers can experience Chess Arena of Valor game on Arena of Valor server soon on mobile devices with the required configuration.

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How to play the game Chess Arena of Valor

Starting up

The gamers will quickly compete in the 8-person war with more than 50 generals in the Chess Federation, each with 100 points available. In the test version, the Chess Federation offers 2 different rounds: PvP Battle – fight with other players and PvE – fight with monsters.

Select the hero on the chessboard
Select the hero on the chessboard

Chess Chess features all of the most basic features of the game of dignity Chess with gentle rounds of up to 50 rounds. Battles will take place on a separate chessboard like the chess board, if you win, you will add gold and keep the blood, lose your blood, after each loss this score will be subtracted to zero. together will be the winner.

Game interface Chess Lien Quan
Game interface Chess Arena of Valor

Buy champions

At the beginning of each round, there will be any 6 generals appearing for you to choose to put on the chess board. We can buy more heroes to put in the queue, but only a maximum of 8 heroes can be stacked in 8 corresponding boxes in the queue. All champions will start with 1 star, the heroes in League of Legends will automatically attack. In rounds, players will use gold to recruit new generals.

The star details of the generals in Lien Quan Chess
The star details of the generals in Arena of Valor Chess

The main purpose of the Arena of Valor Chess as well as the dignity flag is to survive for a long time and reach the highest ranking among the 9 participants, so gamers must carefully calculate strategies to build a general war squad. strongest match. In order to have a strong lineup in League of Legends, you need to upgrade your character early to increase your stats and be able to carry the team.

List of generals in Lien Quan Chess
List of generals in Arena of Valor Chess

To upgrade a champion to level 2 you need to add 2 level 1 generals, level 3 needs 3 level 2 generals similar to Auto Chess in Dota 2. However, finding 2 generals with the right dignity is not easy. Players can enhance their character’s war power by pairing small items obtained when defeating monsters to become large items capable of teaming.

Chess League does not simply mean you choose a formation to put on the board, the generals will bring different stats and skills. Generals of the same race will be added stats, you can also upgrade the strength of generals with equipment or combine generals of the same type to upgrade stars.

Arena Game Chess Lien Quan
Arena Game Chess Arena of Valor

Equip items for champions

When fighting monsters you will have an item drop rate. In addition, there will be champion crates that allow you to choose the magic support equipment, damage, defense, recovery … When the generals are fitted with the right accessories, they can bring into full play the power of me. There are even some champions that cost a lot of money, but without equipment, they will be extremely weak and vice versa. Therefore, players need to allocate equipment appropriately because the number of items is limited and cannot be assigned to all champions.

To add equipment, click on the equipment icon in the middle in the right column and select the equipment you want to use -> click on the hero you want to add equipment to.

Equipment fell off

Activate Job – Faction

Each chess piece belongs to at least one profession or faction. Based on the (non-duplicated) pieces currently present at the board, the effects of trades and factions will be activated if the minimum number is met. (Example: 2 Blocking generals will activate Blocking job). Champions on the backup will not be able to activate trades and factions.

Activate the profession

Summon up your summoned beasts

The summoned beast has level 1 -> 9. The higher the summoned beast level, the more generals you can give to the table (eg level 1: 1 general, level 2: 2 generals …). In addition, the level of the summoned beast affects the number of points the opponent is deducted when losing a battle. The higher the level, the more minus points. Summoned beasts gain a bit of exp each battle, and players can use gold to directly level up the summoned beasts. Please consider and allocate the appropriate amount

legend animals

Basically, the way of playing Chess game is not much different from the general way of playing Chess game of dignity. You can see how to play Truth Arena and Dota Auto Chess to gain more experience when entering the dignity Chess arena of Arena of Valor.

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