Guide to making Farm in Minecraft

Cach lam Farm 2 - Emergenceingame

Minecraft allows you to craft everything from simple to complex. Thanks to that, you can unleash your own creation of the world.

With Minecraft, you can unleash Build Farm according to personal preferences, with lots of animals such as chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, crops and even irrigation system. First, to build a farm, you need some support tools as well as seeds to grow and harvest.

1. Farm building tools in Minecraft


This tool is used to hoe rice, potatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, carrots … Right click on the soil or grass while holding the hoe to plow. The raw materials for the manufacture of the pickaxe include: firewood + wood plate, pebble, iron billet, gold ingot or diamond.

Guide to making Farm in Minecraft

Using the hoe to break the soil will not affect the strength of the hoe, but it will take as long as breaking the block with bare hands. Almost all types of hoes have the same speed, so making gold hoes or diamond hoes will be a waste of money.

Video making hoes:


Bucket of water allows players to get water and lava, or get milk by right-clicking on cows or mushrooms. The raw material for making water buckets is iron ingots.

Guide to making Farm in Minecraft

Video making water bucket:


Food helps players restore energy and get more health or can give wolves and dogs physical recovery. Food is divided into 2 categories:

  • Raw feed: Made from plants, animals and of unknown origin.
  • Processed food: Cook over heat, over pot and dry.

Here is the recipe for food preparation:

Guide to making Farm in Minecraft

Video food making:

2. Planting seeds

First, you have to find rice seeds by using your hand or threshing tools to produce seeds, often found in forests or plains, not in the desert, so don’t waste your time searching there.

After you have obtained seeds, you can plant seeds. You should dig a hole that does not need much depth, about 4 rows long, then use a bucket of water and a large enough area to build a farm. Your farm is near a lake or sea, it is ideal, then right click on the ground to plant seeds.

Plant 2 rows as shown below and wait for the seeds to grow to harvest:

Cach lam Farm 6 - Emergenceingame

Use fertilizer (Bone Meal) to help plants grow faster, but maybe some people wonder how to create fertilizer here, rest assured we will guide you: Kill the SThe skeleton will be bone, then the bone into the Crafting box will produce a Bone Meal.

3. Harvest your crops

Note that when green rice is not harvested, it will damage the growth of the rice, when the rice turns brownish brown, then harvest them. Use your hands or tools to harvest them, when you harvest you will see 3 seeds fall out and one rice.

One more note when building Farm, it will not let anyone jump on your Farm, it will turn into a normal ground, how much your effort. “dumped into the river into the sea” there. It is best to be more defensive than you guys, use the fence (Fence) placed around to prevent anyone from jumping, the materials to make the fence include wooden sticks or hell bricks:

Cach lam Farm 7 - Emergenceingame

In addition, when playing the game Minecraft you can build giant castles, forts floating in the sky, magnificent palaces under the water, towering towers or zigzag mazes. What’s more interesting is that all of that is made up of monotonous squares. Too great is not it?

So let’s conquer and unleash the exploration and discovery of the mysteries in this extremely interesting Minecraft game!

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