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Not only being an ordinary particle matching game, Cat Du Ky belongs to the genre of brain training puzzle game with a completely new gameplay, challenging gamers, and bringing exciting experiences mixed with suspense, excited. Let’s play Cat Travel ZingPlay to overcome thousands of challenging obstacles, follow the thrilling adventure of Cheese Cat.

Cat Travel ZingPlay is an extremely attractive match-3 style strategy game on the recently launched phone. This game owns a pretty 2D graphics background along with a fat Cheese cat that looks extremely cute. More specifically, the effects in the game are extremely beautiful along with the bright color background, the background music creates a joyful and relaxing atmosphere for gamers.

how to play meow zingplay

Instructions for playing Cat Travel ZingPlay mobile

I. Outstanding features of the game Cat Travel ZingPlay

– Attractive match-3 style bead matching strategy game
– Cute graphics, funny animations.
– Can be played anywhere, anytime even offline
– Hundreds of diverse challenges from easy to difficult.
– Many activities, attractive events give thousands of gifts.

II. How to download and play Cat Travel on your phone

1. Quick Guide
Click on the download link of Cat Travel ZingPlay below, install and open play Cat Travel ZingPlay on your phone

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Access link belowclick [Link File 1] to download the latest version.

– Link to download version Traveling Cat for Android here.
– Link to download version Traveling Cat for iPhone here.

Step 2: The first time you enter the game, you need to choose login/registration method and will be watching a intro video short.

How to play zingplay on Android

Step 3: In main interface of the game, tap rudder in the center of the screen and select Play now to start the game.

how to play zingplay on iOS

Step 4: Your mission is Drag and drop particles of the same color together to complete the task. After completing the level you will receive yellow and star.

how to play zingplay on iPhone

Step 5: Go to Travel diaryhere you can use stars to unlock new stories.

how to play zingplay on mobile phones
After each screen of Cat Travel ZingPlay, the difficulty will increase, requiring the player’s agility to figure out how to complete the task. When playing, you should also update regularly Latest ZingPlay ZingPlay Cat Travel Code to exchange Gold Coins, G Coins and more free plays.

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