Pokemon-type engraving in Pokemon Defense

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Pokemon Defense is a pretty cool and interesting custom map in Warcraft 3 on the computer, the game requires players to have judgment and strategic thinking ability, use monsters to defeat opponents quickly. fast.

Warcraft III is an extremely attractive strategy game, attracting many gamers to participate. Warcraft 3 possesses diverse gameplay and has different customizable maps, giving players exciting moments of entertainment and relieving stress and fatigue.

pokemon in pokemon defense

Participating in Pokemon Defense, players will catch pokemon that appear randomly in their yard or garden, upgrade and transform to attack the opponent’s house or defend against the attacks of other players.

In Pokemon Defense, Pokemon can only transform or evolve when reaching level 100 and are divided into 7 groups according to different systems. To transform the player must use commands like -t1, -t2 … until -t7 or can use the command -ta to automatically transform all pokemon.

other state pokemon in pokemon defense 2

There are 8 types of monsters in Pokemon Defense and their type chart is

– Normal > Light
– Light > Water
– Water > Fire
– Fire > Grass
– Grass > Physical
– Physical > Fighter
– Fighter > Normal

Stronger systems deal 200% damage against weak systems, while weak systems only deal 50% damage against strong systems. And the element of engraving is only true in the case of 2 Pokemon of the same level.

Map Pokemon Defense has a simple interface, easy to see, is a good map and requires players to be quick, judgmental, upgrade monsters to destroy the opponent as quickly as possible. There are many types of Pokemon rich and diverse when playing, especially the legendary Pokemon with a very low catch percentage.

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