Experience Firefox 50, log in multiple facebook nicks at the same time

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Firefox 50 is the latest experimental version of the Firefox web browser released by Mozilla recently. One of the most outstanding features of this version is that Containers will allow users to “surf” at the same time log into Facebook multiple accounts right in the browser.

Note that this Firefox 50 is the first experimental Alpha version of Firefox. Before launching the official version expected on August 1, Mozilla as well as many other publishers have released test versions first. Especially with Google Chrome or Coc Coc, they are constantly releasing beta versions with many new features.

Firefox 50 boys are logging in many facebok nicks

Download Firefox Alpha version here:

Download Firefox 50.0.a1 Alpha (32bit)

Download Firefox 50.0.a1 Alpha (64bit)

With the goal of competing in the browser market, Firefox as well as many other browsers are always improving and bringing features to maximize the browsing needs of users. In Firefox 50 Alpha version 1, users can experience a new feature called Containers.

firefox 50 allows you to enter multiple facebok nicks

This is a feature that allows users to log in to multiple service accounts in the same browser without having to open an incognito window or use another browser such as Chrome, CocCoc or Opera.

Firefox 50 boys are entering many facebok nicks on the web

To enable this feature, simply click New Container Tab from the Fire Menu and log in to any service account. Note, Firefox will only support up to 4 user accounts including items like Work, Personal, Banking and Shopping. Each item will have a decoration and icon suitable for the content used.

the firefox 50 program is importing many facebok nicks

When using the feature Containers, users will not be able to access web pages that are open on the default tab and vice versa. This feature is designed specifically for users who can browse the web with normal tabs and also the Container feature.

Mozilla also notes that the Containers feature will help improve the browsing experience of users when they can log in to multiple accounts at the same time without having to switch too much.

Especially Containers will help enhance the personalization of the browser without disrupting any functionality of the website.

If you do not want to use the Containers feature on Firefox 50, you can completely disable this feature through customization: about:config.

* Enable Containers on Firefox 50 Alpha 1

Normally, the new feature will not always appear on the Firefox toolbar, so users need to drag this feature to the toolbar.

Step 1: Go to Customize on Firefox.

firefox 50 has been logged in with many facebok nicks

Step 2: In the custom interface of Firefox’s settings interface, drag and drop the feature Open ContainersTab side to the open toolbar, or you can also drag it directly to the main Firefox toolbar. With this function, you can easily log in to Facebook with multiple accounts on the same Firefox interface without having to use multiple web browsers as before.

Using firefox 50, I can login many facebok nicks provided

Move from item Tools and Features added to the main toolbar

Using firefox 50, you can enter many facebok nicks

Feature Containers on the toolbar

how to use firefox 50 to enter many facebok nicks provided

* Main features of Firefox 50 Alpha 1

– Added convenient Containers feature to use many different service accounts.

– Improved flat and more beautiful interface.

– Improved stability when browsing the web.

– Improved search feature when opening a new tab, adding suggested websites.

This is a summary of the bright features on Firefox 50 Alpha 1, readers can refer to other reviews of many famous browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera or Coc Coc to have the best choice for your browser. own use needs.

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