How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

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The new Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2 – has officially returned recently, and is creating a new wave in the gaming industry today. Still revolving around the plot is the birds living in a peaceful forest, suddenly appeared from nowhere, they stole the eggs and forced our lovely birds to act.

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Currently there are quite a few different versions of this game that are still popular on the market, however, to meet the needs of players, as well as avoid boredom, create newness, attract more player, the father of Angry Birds – Rovio has used quite a lot of additions and replacements for Angry Birds 2 – a game considered to be “old wine in new bottles”.

Instructions on how to play Angry Birds 2 scores high

Although the plot is almost unchanged, in Angry Birds 2, players will have a completely different experience. In addition to finding the watchtowers, where the Green Pigs are hiding to attack them, players will also meet “Pig King” – boss of the hateful Pigs, and also owns new birds with not only the ability to attack normally, and also has an extremely powerful magic system.

However, to be able to play this game well, will guide you a little to make the playing process more convenient, and easier.

1. Understand the power of each bird in Angry Birds 2

This is the number one priority, the most important and necessary thing to win and score high when playing the game. In Angry Birds 2, players will own a total of 7 birds, corresponding to them 7 different magic cards. Let’s see what these birds are? How strong is it? How good is their magic!

Firstly, Red leader bird, is also the most common bird in all of Rovio’s Angry Birds games. With Power is supersonic waves, Red can easily knock down the sturdiest watchtowers.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: While using Red, the player touches the game screen, which will immediately create a strong wind, and Red will emit a sound with tremendous power, directed towards the location of the Pigs. obnoxious green.

The Blues – This is a pretty special bird, although the attack power is not too strong, but when attacking the opponent, it has the ability to clone, creating two more copies. These Blues are completely similar in size, color, shape and even destructive power.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: While The Blues are being shot away, tap the screen to use its special ability. Although not really strong, but when multiplied by three times, this is a really powerful weapon that players should use when they want to destroy nearby watchtowers.

Chuck – golden bird with a shape like a triangle. Chuck stands out with golden feathers, and in particular, this bird has the ability to turn himself into a bullet that can penetrate wood, striking strongly at the Pigs’ watchtower.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: When Chuck is flying in the air, touch the screen, now Chuck’s flight direction and speed will change suddenly, no longer landing in the form of an arc, but will fly straight, extremely fast, rushing into the tower of the opponent.

Matilda girl – the only female in Angry Birds 2, but not so that Matilda is inferior to her teammates. With the ability to create and use eggs to attack opponents, she is like a bomber, attacking the enemy’s lair. This will be a useful weapon when you want to focus your attack on a certain point.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: When Matilda attacks, the player only needs to touch the screen to make the egg appear. At this point, the egg will attack one target below, while Matilda will destroy another in her path. This will be an extremely effective weapon if the player wants to attack multiple points at once.

silver – First appeared in the Angry Birds series, but this bird made a strong impression with its eye-catching appearance and special power. Attack straight from the top, create cool Headpop hits.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: While Silver is flying in the air, if the player touches the screen, this bird will immediately change its flight direction (flying straight up) and then dive straight down to the target. Encountered with this attack, not a single target was left intact.

Bomb – Impressive name as well as his ability. While capable of destroying things touched when flying by, Bomb is also extremely dangerous when detonated at the point it lands.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: Touch the point you want the Bomb to explode while attacking, it will explode and destroy any solid target.

Terence – The most dangerous giant in the Angry Birds 2 this time.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Using: Terence’s weapon is itself. With its impressive weight and size, no opponent or target can escape the attack power of this bird.

2. Understand each battlefield when playing the game Angry Birds 2 game

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Angry Birds 2 in particular and Angry Birds in general is a game rich in genres as well as maps. Each map is a different battle, each battle takes place in a completely different environment. If the player keeps stamping, being inflexible and improvising, it will be very difficult to pass the card. Moreover, in addition to flexibly using birds, in certain battles, players will also have outside help, if they take advantage of the opportunity, victory is not difficult.

3. Understand the power and usage of the spells of Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2 there are all five types of magic, including:

  • Golden Duck.
  • Frost.
  • Hot Chili.
  • Pig Inflater.
  • Mighty Eagle.

Players can own these spells if they win and receive rewards from the game, or can also buy them in the Shop (with real money of course). Each type has its own characteristics, features and effects, making the game rich and diverse.

How to play Angry Birds 2 get the highest score

Golden Duck: The golden ducks falling from the sky will help players pass the cards quickly. Although not too strong or impressive, but Golden Duck is an extremely useful help in difficult levels.

Frost: From wood, stone, metal…anything that is being used by the Green Pigs as a base, will turn to ice when Frost is used. The combination of Frost and The Blues will bring the fastest victory for players.

Hot Chili: A magic that turns the Green Pigs themselves into weapons to destroy each other. If any Pigs are affected by this spell, they will become slow-explosive bombs, and have the ability to explode, destroying their own hiding place at any time.

Pig Inflater: Unlike other spells. Pig Inflater is a magic that will turn all Pigs into giants, they will be so big that the watchtowers can’t stand it and will collapse.

Mighty Eagle: In terms of strength, this is the most powerful magic in the game Angry Birds – Angry Birds 2. In addition to being used only once an hour, Mighty Eagle is also a quite unique magic in the game.

Above are a few points to note, as well as small suggestions that would like to send to you to help new players or those who are still confused and do not understand the features in the game. Hope the article will be really useful to you.

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Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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