How to play Among Us in color blind mode

Cách chuyển Among Us sang chế độ mù màu

Player Among Us rely on color to accurately identify the impostor in the group. But what if you can’t distinguish the colors? Play the game Among Us will definitely be harder.

How to switch Among Us to color blind mode

According to information from the publisher, Among Us The new version is expected to have color blind or black and white modes. However, some YouTubers have now switched to this mode. How did they do it? If you also want to find Among Us In the same color-blind mode as them, here’s a guide for you.

How to play Among Us in color blind mode

There are currently no official game settings that allow you to play Among Us in black and white mode, but you can change the device settings to switch game graphics to gray scale.

Play Among Us in black and white mode on PC

Click the icon Start in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Computer screen

Hours of typing and searching Color filters. Click this option in the search results.

Choose a color filter

Switch button switch Color Filters in Windows to On.

Turn off color filters on your PC

Choose Grayscale below this button.

Select Grayscale under the Among Us button

The entire Windows interface will now greyed out and Among Us will be gray when you open it. Just turn off the color filter button when the game is finished, your computer will return to its normal color.

Play Among Us in black and white mode on Android

Open Settings on the Android device and touch About.

Check Android phone information

Hours of touch Build Number multiple times and modes Developer will be activated on the device.

Touch multiple versions

Return Settings and touch System.

Select system settings

Touch Advanced.

Select advanced settings

Next touch Developer options.

Click advanced programming options

Now scroll down to the section Hardware Accelerated Rendering and touch Simulate color space.

Turn on color system simulation

Touch and select Monochromacy color system.

Choose a monochrome color for the Android system

All Android will now go to monochrome. Now you can open and play the black and white Among Us game with your friends. Just transfer Simulate Color Space to Disabled When the game is finished, the Android phone will return to its normal color.

Turn off programming options

Play Among Us in color blind mode on iOS

Open Settings and touch Accessibility.

Accessibility on iOS

Hours of touch Display and text size.

Choose the screen size and text

Scroll down and touch Color Filters.

Select color filters on iOS

Turn on the color filter button.

Turn on color filters on iOS

Touch select Grayscale from the options below.

Select Grayscale on iOS

It’s done. The entire iOS layout is now black and white and the game Among Us on the iPhone will be the same. Once you’re done playing, you just need to turn off the color filter to restore the original iOS’s true color.

While waiting for the developer to officially release the color-blind mode for Among Us, you can try to experience it first in the above way to see when playing Among Us without having color distinguishing characters, will be different like that. Come on!

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