Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Instructions to play the team of Ninja Assassin extremely powerful shock dame


Truth arena season 4 – Along learn about the strength, how to play as well as how to equip the combined lineup Ninja – Assassin with a huge amount of damage.


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Instructions on how to play formation Ninja Assassin shock dame extremely strong

Formation strength

  • Ninja: Ninja will get increased attack power and magic power if there are 1 or all 4 ninja in the formation.
  • Assassin: Increases crit chance and critical damage (even skill crit).

This combined lineup will bring massive amounts of damage from the moment the match starts. When there are 6 assassins, the enemy’s backline will quickly evaporate after a few seconds with the amount of bonus critical damage, both critical critically and critical attacks. Of course, the weakness of any assassin formation is whether it can reach the correct core of the enemy team and not have enough damage equipment.

How to play and organize your squad

Assassin Ninja

The champions in the standard lineup include:

  • Tank: Shen.
  • Semi-tank: Kennen.
  • Main damage: Zed, Akali.
  • Auxiliary damage: Talon, Diana, Katarina.
  • Support: Pyke.

A primary tank needs only Shen, as Shen’s skill adds a lot of armor and makes Shen tough enough to tank until the assassins finish the enemy’s back line. Prioritize up Zed and Akali to 2-3 stars early to take damage. And the most attention is still how to arrange the squad so that you can finish off the enemy team’s main force as quickly as possible, because you are the assassin.

How to dress

Focus on equipping Zed with physical damage, magic damage for Katarina, and buffing Shen.

  • Akali: Green Charm, Sword Gun, Cannon Barrage.
  • Zed: Infinity sword, cannon ball, Angel armor.
  • Shen: Animal statue of armor, Blood armor.
  • The other generals are customizing.
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In addition, you can also build items according to the available items but the best is the above items.

I wish you success with the Ninja – Assassin squad!

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