Tips to level up Call of Duty Mobile fastest

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There are many ways for players to earn level up XP while playing Call of Duty Mobile game, every time you start into a multiplayer match or Battle Royale battle you will earn XP based on the number of kills , number of deaths, support … a lot of things.

A rule for earning character level up points Call of Duty Mobile that’s playing Offlive matches against AI, you don’t get XP from that, so you need to go into Call of Duty Mobile game modes to get them, as long as playing online and in any mode Any degree is fine.

Fastest call of duty mobile call of duty mobile

CODM Level Up Strategy

The fastest way to level up Call of Duty Mobile

1. Join a Clan

After each match, players will receive XP points from the Clan system in Call of Duty Mobile, so you need to join the Clan as soon as possible to receive them. Not only that, gamers also receive a lot of rewards after reaching each milestone of each mission and goal. Each Clan has a requirement for players before joining, please choose carefully before joining.

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2. Play the mode you are best at

Join the game mode where you have the best ability to play, you earn a lot of experience, XP points depending on the number of Kill/Assist… that Taimienphi said above. At the same time, winning the battle also brings a small amount of XP, helping you unlock more functions and the opportunity to use high-level guns faster.

3. Earn points from Battle Royale mode

Unlike other game modes, in Battle Royale players have to perform combat missions with many people, survival will definitely be more difficult because each person only has a single life. That’s why Battle Royale Mode always provides more XP, if you can reach the TOP, the better.

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4. Complete activities, full events
A quick way to level up in Call of Duty Mobile is the quest. Regardless of the game, completing the mission always gives 3-4 times more XP than playing normal. Every holiday or weekend Activision and Tencent launch many events for players, stick to that and you will level up quickly.

Above are some methods, tips to level up Call of Duty Mobile quickly that Taimienphi wants to share with readers. In addition to the above tips, there are many other options, but most of them do not bring too many advantages that you need.

The FHJ-18 gun is one of those guns that can destroy planes, tanks and other vehicles with destructive power, but to own it you need to level up fast. For new gamers, the use rocket launcher FHJ 18 Call of Duty Mobile It’s not simple, you need to understand the principle of operation before using it.

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In short, leveling up Call of Duty Mobile is extremely important, not only to help you unlock equipment, game modes … but also a lot of other things waiting for you to discover. Please follow our link below to download.
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