Free Fire: MAG-7 or M1887 better?

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MAG-7 and M1887 are both powerful weapons in Free Fire. However, the two still have differences. Let’s find out with MAG-7 or M1887 better when fighting in Free Fire Please!

Compare two powerful shotguns in Free Fire

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Free Fire OB26 has added a lot of interesting new features, especially the weapon system. Players have added a new shotgun named MAG-7. Thus, currently Free Fire has all 4 hunting guns.

Shotgun – The shotgun is the best weapon in close combat. They usually have high damage, range and low rate of fire. However, MAG-7 was introduced in Free Fire The OB26 is a medium-range weapon with a high rate of fire. The following article will Compare two shotgun “kings” in Free Fire: MAG-7 and M1887.

Free Fire gun index comparison: MAG-7 and M1887

MAG-7 M1887
Damage 89 100
Rate of fire 53 42
Sight 15 ten
Load 55 55
Cartridges 8 2
Accuracy ten ten
Speed ​​of movement 62 62
Pierce 0 54

As you can see, the MAG-7 does less damage than the M1887 but it has a high rate of fire and a better range. Both of these weapons have the same reload speed, accuracy, and movement speed.

The MAG-7 has a larger magazine, but the M1887 has a superior armor penetration ability.

Comparing gun stats MAG-7 and M1887 in Free Fire

Compare DPS MAG-7 and M1887

MAG-7 M1887
1m 358 DPS 837 DPS
5m 373 DPS 600 DPS

After using camouflage in the Training room to check the damage of MAG-7 and M1887 to targets with level 2 armor. As a result, M1887’s damage outperforms MAG-7. However, the damage to the long target of the M1887 is more difficult. Because M1887 has only 2 bullets / chamber. It needs to finish off the enemy in 2 bullets otherwise they will run away.

Meanwhile, the MAG-7 is more stable. It has a chamber larger than 8 bullets. Therefore, you have more chances to take down enemies, even without 1 or 2 bullets.

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